Thor! The Movie . . . . .

So I went to see “Thor” yesterday. To my surprise, it was actually a good movie. I really don’t know anything about Thor other than he’s the Viking God of Thunder, and made a few appearances in the Spiderman cartoons in the 80s. So I can’t say how much they screwed up the comic book story.

I really thought the whole “aliens” aspect was going to make it ridiculous, but it worked well and they didn’t go over the top. Basically Thor and his people are a very advanced race that were worshiped by primitive Norse peoples as gods. Then there are the race of Frost Giants, and some others who didn’t play into the movie. Basically Earth and humans are one of the 9 realms in the universe, and we just haven’t advanced enough to understand and make contact with the other 8.

Thor gets cast out of his realm by his father Odin, after being betrayed by his brother Loki. That is kinda a spoiler, but if you know anything about Norse mythology at all, then it’s really not. Then he lands on earth, meets a team of scientists studying the wormhole he came through, fights to regain his crown . . . yada yada. There are no huge twists in this story, there is no mystery. It’s a comic book genre film, but unlike the later Spiderman films, doesn’t suck and doesn’t try to do too much (i.e. introduce 8 million villains).

Thor plays into Iron Man with the Shield Agent from those movies in this film, and at the end of the film your told “Thor will return in The Avengers next year.” Like the Iron Man films, and my guess the upcoming “Captain America” film, there is a secret scene after the credits worth sticking around for.

The only things I can say bad about the film is 1) Thor didn’t take his clothes off enough at all. In fact the scene above is all you get to see of him. 2) It’s not worth paying extra to see in 3D. There was nothing I was wowed at. I don’t know if this was filmed in 3D or just converted to buy into the 3D format that’s so big now.


3 Responses to “Thor! The Movie . . . . .”

brenda Says:

excellent review as always Dustin !


Greg Says:

I think it was converted to 3D after being filmed. It was pleasant enough, but you’re right about needing more shirtless Thor scenes. Him with Fandal wrestling about in Asgard would have been a nice touch.


brandnewwoo Says:

not sure why, but i wasn’t blown away by the movie… i totally agree with you about the whole 3D experience – NOT worth it!!!