Just Call Him Chaz?

Since NuKitty, who I’ve just been calling Mew-Mew, came home, we have been trying to name him.

John’s latest suggestion is Grendel, cause NuKitty is a face eating monster. He likes to bite your nose, your ears and anything else attached to your head.

The problem now? I don’t think it’s a him. John was sure from the moment he brought the kitty home it was a boy, because the litter was very mixed colors and it takes 2 orange parents to make an orange female, but only one orange father to make an orange male. There were three black/mottled cats and 2 orange.

That, however, doesn’t mean they were all of the same parentage though. Mommy could have gotten around! There have been a couple wild orange cats around here over the years.

I have seen no signs of “ballage” since NuKitty came here. I keep watching and waiting for them to appear. Also from all the graphic “How To Sex Your Kittens” porn I’ve been looking at, I think it’s a girl.

One thing is for sure, the kitty is getting tired of being molested! If NuKitty is a girl, Princess isn’t the only one in the house anymore.


2 Responses to “Just Call Him Chaz?”

Char/grammie97 Says:

That is so funny and she/he is just the cutest little thing… love the updates Dustin….and the adorable pictures…thanks so much


Aravis Says:

S/he’s so cute! I like Grendel if NuKitty is a boy. Very appropriate. :0)