Are You Ready For The End? Get Ready!

Last night I watched “Vanishing on 7th Street.” I gotta say, the movie was creepy, but only because of the timing . . . you know with the end of the world upon us this weekend and all.

The movie is about a couple of survivors who make their way to a bar one night to meet and try and escape whatever is going on. The sun comes up later each day, and sets earlier each night. When darkness descends, shadowy figures claim lives and make people disappear. Voices of the dead are also heard speaking to the living. Inexplicably electricity and other things like batteries are quickly failing too, which makes the dark more menacing.

This, unfortunately, is one of those movies that wants you to interpret what is going on based on your beliefs or ideas, but I also feel is very “Rapture” oriented. Is Kirk Cameron a secret producer here 🙂 I don’t mind having to interpret a little in a movie, but not the whole damn movie. Nothing is really explained at all as to what is going on here. Those kind of films generally irritate me. I like to be told a story, not to have to guess what the story is.

The only reason I can say to watch this film is to creep you out about Saturday. Once Saturday is over, don’t bother 🙂 Save it for 12/21/12 🙂


2 Responses to “Are You Ready For The End? Get Ready!”

mlp Says:

Wow, I must have been living in a cave or something, because I didn’t even KNOW the world was ending Saturday! Thanks for the heads up!


Dustin Says:

Yes around 6pm on Saturday.