Viva Las Vegas!

So it is official, I am headed to Las Vegas on Friday! I can’t wait. I’m going with my friend Nica and we are meeting a friend I met on a cruise two years ago there. It will be a blast! As of yet we haven’t yet figured out exactly everything we want to do. I have been put in charge according to Nica of finding entertainment. I have book marked a website with clubs and fun places to go, and my friend from the cruise has some ideas in mind too. Here are some of the things I am thinking off, feel free to leave comments if you have any other ideas!

1) Gamble, but all I can really do is play slot machines. Anything else is too complicated and I don’t feel like learning.

2) Dancing! Every night if possible 🙂 Studio 54 at the MGM looks fun.

3) Ride one of the roller coasters on top of/inside of the hotels (Manhattan Express looks good).

4) Try and find Rita from HBO’s "Taxi Cab Confessions" (Your shirt reminds me of the sky, I want to fly in your shirt)

5) Go to a "Showgirls" starring Elizabeth Berkley type of show.



2 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas!”

jen Says:

hey, hope you have fun in vegas!!! where are you staying??…oh and the roller coaster in new york new york is great….have fun…try and check out the voodoo lounge in rio but there are so many new clubs all over you will have no problem dancing the whole time!!!!


Michele Says:

I have been coming to your website for while, I am an avid Days fan.

Anyway, I just went to Vegas a couple weeks ago & we went to Studio 54. It was GREAT. It is $20 to get in, but I would pay the $40 for the “front of the line” pass. SO worth it!! Anyway, it was fun.

We didn’t do any shows, we mostly gambled & hung out by the pool.

Have a GREAT time!