Some Quick Vegas Ramblings

We walked around a bit today, but I made the mistake of bringing non-broken in tennis shoes. I now have blisters 🙁 We are probably going to end up getting tickets to a show of some kind tomorrow from the half price booths, but we don’t know yet to what.

I actually played some slots today. I won on the “Fairy’s Fortune” slot machine, how fitting. I only won 2.50 from a buck one time. I got up to 3.50 another time but got hit with greedy Vegas fever and lost it all! There was another slot machine with a wizard on it that I wanted to try, but the old lady wouldn’t get off it. Grrrr.

The people on the street who want to hand you the stupid nudie stripper cards are annoying me. Yes, I see you, yes I know you want to hand it to me, but there is no reason for you to smack it against you hand and make a popping sound, it’s not going to make me say “Damn gotta have that!”

Outside of the Harley Davidson Cafe was a temporary tattoo stand, and people were getting them. I think getting a temporary tattoo at the Harley Davidson Cafe is probably the uncoolest thing you could do.



4 Responses to “Some Quick Vegas Ramblings”

Musicguy Says:

I totally agree about the annoying card people on the streets. I have this overwheming urge to slap them… hard.

Go to the outdoor carnival bar at Harrah’s. If you tip the bartenders very well on your first round, then tend to give you drinks for free. It also helps if you have a chick with big boobs in your company 🙂

Have a blast, hopefully I’ll be there in August.


Aravis Says:

Watch out for the old ladies at the slot machines. I played for 45 minutes one day, during which time an old lady sat down at the machine next to me. I kept winning and losing, breaking even, so I decided to move to another machine. As soon as I did that old lady played my machine and hit the jackpot.

It’s been two years and I haven’t forgiven her yet! *LOL*


jen Says:

What hotel are you staying in??? so glad your having fun!!!


Scotty Says:

It’s been a while since I have been out there but I totally agree and as for the temporary tatts…NOT cool…if you are going to do it get a REAL one!!! 😉