I thought what a better place to launch the new blog than Las Vegas! Yes, I am in Las Vegas baby.

Why the new blog? A few reasons. I had been running two blogs at the same time, and that was a bit much. On one blog I had anonymity and felt free to be my self, yet actually didn’t reveal who I was. On the other I wasn’t anonymous, but held back a lot of the time. I really wanted to merge them for the longest time. The other reasons are the blog I originally had here was getting spammed to hell and back and I needed to change the blogging software. That and the blog had evolved over time, as did the focus of my posts on it. I figured what a great time to bring both together and start anew.

So I have basically started fresh, abandoned the old blogs for a new blog. Now what can you expect here? Probably a lot of the same I wrote on my other blogs. For those who read the old blog that I had here, this one will have a stronger emphasis on being a personal journal and a place to be positive rather than a place to rant and rave about things pissing me off. Plus you now get the face and name behind the curtain. For those who read my other blog on, well remember that poll I posted? Yup, prepare to see a different side of me (not that side!). Some of you might not like it or some of the things I might discuss here (no sex talk of course), so if that is the case then you are free to leave and just stay safely in the land of soaps.

The name of this blog isn’t set in stone. I just didn’t know what the hell to name it and selected “Hey . . . It’s That Guy’s Blog” as a spur of the moment choice. It is growing on me, but I’m not in love with it. I’ll think about names over this weekend, and if you guys have any ideas feel free to leave some suggestions. As if you already didn’t know, I do have a tendency to lean towards fantasy names and themes. I want a really good blog name (and tag line) basically because it will reflect the end design of the blog. I’m hoping to get someone to design me a custom skin/template for the blog (I guess I need to come up with design aspects I like too).

The webcam feature from the blog isn’t up right now, it will be back when I return from Vegas. Also, for those who had my old site/sites blogrolled, I’m still adding you all back to the new blogroll. Feel free to leave me a comment to remind me if I forget to add you!

So that’s it for now. I am off to explore Vegas. Check back later to find out what trouble I’ve gotten into!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . . Yes, I am.



13 Responses to “It’s A Whole New Blog!”

Steve Says:

Holy Crap! You didn’t just tweak your blog, it’s a WHOLE NEW DEAL. I like. Have a great time in Vegas, Dustin.


Becky Says:

Ditto what Steve said!! People need to realize that you are more than the “soap guy”. Have a fab time in Vegas….can’t wait to hear some good stories….


*HelloKitty* Says:

Yes I love it!! Just don’t ever leave us!! I’m always into what you have to say for the day!! 🙂 Have fun and show us pictures too!!


Scotty Says:

WOW! I honestly wasn’t all that into your other blog…political rants and stuff bore me…sorry. I linked to you because you linked to me but honestly didn’t read it all thqat much. Today I am totally intrigued and will be adding THIS new you to my daily reads.

I have been accused of only linking to hot guys and reading THEiR blogs and I guess it is somewhat true because all of a sudden I find I WANT to read more abotu you!!! lol

Will be back a LOT more often now.


Scotty Says:

OMG…a DAYS fan too! I LOVE YOU! lol.


Aravis Says:

I love the new blog, and it’s nice to see your face. You’re a great-looking guy, and your boyfriend is even luckier than I thought. :0)

I can’t wait for the final blog name and tag line. Have fun with the redesign, and good luck in Vegas! *G*


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Tami Says:

Love it!!!! Speak yer mind babe!!! U know I do lol
hugs and kisses!!


DavidMO Says:

awemome – I’m sure it will be much easier to blog once. Have fun in Vegas. Last time I was there I came home with more $ than I took!


Lyv Says:

I wanna pic of you and Nica at the elvis chapel…that is all…speak your mind baby…




Dustin Says:

I don’t know where the Elvis Chappel Is.


*HelloKitty* Says:

The Graceland Chapel is on Las Vegas Blvd. I got married there eight years ago!!


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