Childhood Memories

So in this post I fully embarrass myself with some photos I selected of my childhood to scan. This is a long post and I don’t need to clutter up the blog with all these photos, so make the jump after the first photo to see them all.


Baby’s first bath! Well one of them. Here is my ass hanging out from under the shower curtain. I hope I won’t get sent to jail for posting child pornography of myself? My face is hidden to protect the innocent, though I’ve already told you it’s my ass haven’t I?


I probably vomited shortly after this photo was taken.


Yes please, I’ll take the whole bottle thank you!


After drinking the whole bottle I entertained the crowd with my balancing skills.


Clearly a choking hazard. What were my parents thinking?


I enjoyed putting things on my head.


Keep laughing, we’ll see how funny it is when I punch you in your nuts!


It’s fun to stay at the YMCA! (I’m in the back)


Here I model the Superman Underoos (on the left), cause Underoos are fun to wear.


Hey Uncle, I can see your jock-strap!


Here I pose for one of my father’s artsy fartsy photos.


Here I pose as a poser.


Ahh, the old launch ramp! BTW I made that sweatshirt in home ec that year.


I always had great knockers.


My brother and I with Santa! Merry Christmas!


10 Responses to “Childhood Memories”

DWQ Online Says:

Oh those pictures are absolutely adorable.


WV Nan Says:

A very Merry Christmas to you too! I really enjoyed the photos–loved your dad’s artsy fartsy one–amazing how innocent you looked!

Packing—I fly to NJ early in the morning for a ten day stay. So much to pack so litte space! Christmas with Jen, Erin, and my 4 1/2 year old grandson will be amazing.

Have a wonderful Christmas, a safe trip to and from Virginia–and may you come home to a clean house with a sparkling bathroom!!! Some wishes do come true!

I’ll be checking in while I’m at Jen’s–looking forward to more photos.

To all who share this crazy guy’s blog–Merry Christmas!!


Lori Says:

Wow, your parents did a great job with a great sense of humour on the early years! Ya, I too like the ‘artsy fartsy’ one the best, I don’t know you well enough to stair at the naked butt in tub one long enough to say if its cute or not, lol. Ok, took another *peek*, ya,, definately cute!


Jennifer Says:

Aww, cute photos Dustin. Thanks for posting.


cassandra sappington Says:

you were adorable! What happened? Just kidding! Looks like you have a really nice family! I don’t have any baby pictures cause my parents divorced & my dad burnt them…. sigh! I liked the 70’s carpet, decor! LOL! Merry Christmas


Becky Says:

There is nothing cuter than baby butt! These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. BTW, I’m pretty sure I had that same Panama Jack t-shirt:)

@WV Nan…I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and Merry Christmas to you, too:)


BlogspotBecky Says:

very cute pictures, thank you for sharing 🙂


boo1 Says:

I love the pictures. I too like your Father’s artsy fartsy shot. You and your brother are too cute! Merry Christmas everyone!


hot-lunch Says:

great photos!!!! i like the hot uncle – can you hook me up?


Aravis Says:

These are great! I had forgotten all about those giant whiskey bottles. *G*