It’s the holidays, and while it’s no longer Turkey Day, it’s still okay to play this video. This damn song gets stuck in my head every time this year. Oh yes, it’s “Turkey Lurkey” time again!

Last year I did a post about this number from the musical “Promises Promises” which you can read here. I first discovered this number from the movie “Camp.”

This year I found yet another classic rendition of it online, which I present to you now. This song and the dance moves will now be stuck in your head, enjoy!

BTW, what the hell is that little tiny stuffed creature in the background? Be on the lookout for him. He’s scary, and I’m sure kills people while they sleep!

4 Replies to “Some For Uncle Joe . . .”

  1. None of them can touch the dancing of the little blonde spiky haired kid from Camp. Though he’s basically a background character in the movie, he’s a phenomenal dancer easy out dancing most dancers twice his age.

  2. How did I know you were going to bring out the Turkey Lurkey song again this year?

    yes the dance moves are catchy – however, warning….you may throw your shoulder out and wreck your neck….clearly I am talking from experience 🙂

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