So I opted not to go home for Thanksgiving this year, I’m going home the week after though. Thanksgiving is one of those “ehh” holidays for me. I am not a huge fan of turkey, never have been. I would rather and always rathered just eat the stuffing. Don’t get me started on the pies either, pumpkin pie is not getting anywhere NEAR my mouth. As I kid I enjoyed the holiday 1) because it meant no school and 2) because of the parade. However nowadays the Macy’s Parade is just boring. When I was a kid there was still Saturday Morning Cartoons, so every year there would be floats based on some of those cartoons. That, and Santa, is what we watched for. Sure some of the classic floats are still in the parade, but it’s more about watching the stars of some current TV show try and sing a song, or some star from yesteryear who needs work sing a song. I will be watching the parade this year only because they are showing a medley from Xanadu during it.

The BF asked me tonight when I was going home for Thanksgiving. I said I wasn’t this year, I was going home the week after. He expected I was going home, not that it matters. Well I guess it does. His mother, who usually cooks the family dinner, is going to Texas this year to see her daughter and family down there. I think she went last year too. Anyway, his sister and her family are going to a step-son’s house, leaving him and his brother (who is down here helping out for Thanksgiving) shit out of luck. Not that I would think it matters, they are so overworked over this holiday that they see Thanksgiving after the farm closes as a reason to go to bed early. However a coworker invited them over to their house for dinner, but apparently didn’t know I was going to be here. Not that the invitation wouldn’t be extended to me, but it has occurred to me I would rather not be invited! I don’t want to appear rude and turn the invitation down, I’d just simply rather stay home and do work or watch whatever specials are on TV. Like I said, not a fan of turkey and definitely not a fan of having to go to other peoples’ homes for dinner, especially on a holiday.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I present “Turkey Lurkey Time” from the musical “Promises Promises.” I’ve had this crap stuck in my head for days, so I figured you should too. The following is from the 69 Tonys, so the sound isn’t that great. The sound isn’t the point, the dancing is. These poor girls must have had the worst headaches every night after doing this number!

And if you want the words, here is a better version, though not the original. This is the cover from the movie “Camp,” which is how I was introduced to this infectious song. The dancing isn’t so good, but you can hear the music better. The color is a tad on the red side though. Be sure to look out for the little blonde kid and his reactions to the dancing!

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