I Have A Question . . . .

Today (okay yesterday) I woke up at the ass crack of dawn again, after staying up way too late watching a movie, in order to give another lecture at the farm on Native Americans. This time I made an outline to look at so I was a little better prepared. I think the talk went much better than last time when I just winged it off the top of my head. Several of the teachers thanked me and one was like “Are you available to come in on Social Studies day to talk to my class, open invite any time!”

However I don’t know if I could handle dealing with kids. Seriously, some of the questions they think up! The first time around a kid asked me something about what he read in a book, something about the Spanish kidnapping women to make adobes for them. I basically said I couldn’t really answer that and wasn’t familiar with that topic (knowing though the kid had misunderstood something), but explained what adobes were. Yesterday I got the question “I heard if Native Americans drink beer they will go crazy.” I stood there and then replied “I’m afraid that is a myth.” I didn’t know what to say, this from a fourth grader? Later the same kid asked the farmer another beer question! I was near the teachers then, who at this point were saying to each other “Do we need to talk to this kid’s parents?” Later one came up to me and said when I got that question she was just rolling her eyes in disbelief, but this is what they actually deal with on a daily basis.


3 Responses to “I Have A Question . . . .”

boo1 Says:

Dustin, I’ve been a babysitter for 35 years. Trust me kids will say and ask anything. You done very well how you answered them. The teacher must have been very impressed with you or she wouldn’t have ask you to speak to her class.


Stephanie Says:


I teach 4th graders. They ask the STUPIDIST stuff just to get attention. That age is very needy and greedy about being noticed. Field trips are usually a nightmare because they all want to see who can ask the question that will get the biggest laugh. They are just silly!! I think you probably handled the situation the best way you possibly could have. Of course, I usually roll my eyes at them, but they are used to my sarcastic reactions!

I wish you lived closer; I’d ask you to come talk to my class. My husband has a degree in anthropology, too, but he doesn’t want to talk to them…oh well!


Dustin Says:

Some of the kids actually asked really good questions though, it’s just the dumb ones that stood out