Year Almost At An End

I’m back in Jersey, Christmas is over, New Years is around the corner and before you know it; we’ll be on our way to Orlando and then off on our cruise after a few days at Universal.

Christmas was good, but I’m always sad when it’s over. I got a lot of fun stuff. I got yet another nativity, this time a rubber ducky nativity set! Who knew they made such things?

Take the Baby Jesus into your tub!

Probably the fun “neat” gift was a Rovio from my BF. This is a robotic webcam on wheels that you can control through a web browser on your desktop, laptop, iphone, etc. It really is neat! You can also get audio through it and speak through it to whomever you happen to be checking in on. I can even set up guest access privileges to let others drive it, but that idea scares me at the moment 🙂

Princess Wonders Where Dustin Is?
Princess Can Hear Dustin, But Where Is He?

I’m currently on my 9 day diet and exercise fast. I want to try and get back down to where I was BEFORE falling off the wagon right before the holidays! I’ll let you know if I’m successful or not 🙂 Started back running today and trying my best to eat right! It will be very hard to eat right in Orlando/Universal. The cruise should be easier, but I know the bad stuff will tempt me!


4 Responses to “Year Almost At An End”

Becky Says:

Love the ducky nativity scene! Good luck with the 9 day countdown…no more “merry” nights for you:)


BlogspotBecky Says:

the duck nativity is cute and funny, the rovio sounds like a fun gift too. hope you have fun on the cruise!


seine Says:

maybe the rubber ducky nativity set is so you can recount the story of baby jesus while enjoying downtime in the bathtub 🙂 that, or for little kids who may find a regular rubber ducky boring


sortedlives Says:

Have fun at Universal!! I work all of 2 miles from the place and haven’t been since summer 2007.