Snowtos! The Great Storm of Feb

Some photos I took during the storm and the day after. Enjoy!

As you can see, many trees and branches down or coming down. Lots of icicles to put your eye out with. Bunny’s outdoor cage is now some “Saw-like” death trap!


4 Responses to “Snowtos! The Great Storm of Feb ’10”

Aravis Says:

These are really great, Dustin! I especially like the one that looks at the ice from inside what looks rather cage-like.

I won’t ask why you and John have a human-size cage. ;0)


Dustin Says:

It’s the bunny cage lol. I put him in that when I clean his indoor cage. But he won’t be in it for awhile.


glittermom Says:

I dont know about you, but I am ready for summer…enough with the snow and cold..


Lori Says:

Beautiful pictures! Here in Vancouver BC,, midway through the “Winter Olympics” we are in the middle of spring! Send some snow!!!!!!