We Have Snow!

The question is how much. It’s blowing so much that I can’t find anywhere to get a good read. Anywhere from 9 inches to 24! I think about 15 is probably right, but this morning they were saying Philly had 18 already. It’s supposed to continue all day too.

Anyway, some photos! Nikko wants to run into the snow as far as he can, Princess meanwhile wants to run the other way, back inside where it’s warm. Also a shot looking up and down the road. The road ironically is pretty clear, though keeps getting covered as soon as it’s shoveled. Still there are people driving, where they have to get to I don’t know. I think they’re going to end up stuck somewhere though.


One Response to “We Have Snow!”

Aravis Says:

It looks beautiful, especially when you don’t have to drive through it. Princess and Nikko are on full alert! *G*