Horrific Dreams!

Perhaps I had my mini blog post yesterday about Monster Mania and Tumblr on the brain, but wow did I have some insane dreams last night. The one I remember was straight out of a horror flick. I, and a bunch of people I don’t remember, got stranded in a town over night, and were given shelter in the town’s haunted house. I’m not sure, but I think Elizabeth Montgomery was the woman who owned the house. It was a terror filled night as the ghosts came out. Since I refused to sleep, I oddly braved exploring the house and recording ghost sounds on my iphone – – – to upload to my Tumblr blog. I would NOT be so brave in life let me tell you.

I do have a bunch of posts I hope to get out soon. I’ve been using my S2H to get points, though not as often as I should be according to the bathroom scale! I want to make a post about it, as well as some tips and tricks I’ve discovered for anyone who is thinking of (or has) ordered one. Additionally I’ve also been using some other sites that gain you money back while shopping online that I want to share. I’ve been using them for a month, and know which work and which DON’T.

Spring time is around the corner, and I’ve been surveying my yard! One of the things I hope to do next week is kill weeds and then plant some grass . . . not that kind!


One Response to “Horrific Dreams!”

Heidi Says:

I had a nightmare the other night and I actually screamed out loud and woke myself and hubby up.