Disaster Zones

So last night I finally got my butt back to the gym, only to come home to find the boyfriend holding a faucet. Turns out the bathroom sink faucet sprung a leak, when he tried to turn the valve to shut the water off, the pipes snapped! So we had no water anywhere until around 11pm last night. Currently the bathroom is a nightmare, most everything that was under the sink will probably have to be thrown out. The BF did manage to start installing a new faucet tonight, but it’s not working. We are brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink. Ahhhhh! This is what the BF’s brother does and it drives me nuts!

Today I was having such a good day till drama hit the soap boards tonight and sucked all my time up managing and trying to settle things down. My head is hurtin now! I also fell way behind what I was working on, not a happy camper. I’m heading to the gym tomorrow to blow off some stress. I should have done that tonight but had TV shows I wanted to watch, not realizing I’d end up missing them over silly things.

I’m trying to lesson the amount of meat I’ve been eating. I eat too much meat that isn’t healthy (ie fast food stuff). I know I could just cut out the fast food, but it’s so hard! It’s quick and easy and sooooo good. I was vegetarian for 7-8 years and one of the reasons I switched was because the only meat I was eating was bad for me. I don’t know how I did it, I just went cold turkey one day and managed to do it. I made it through today with now meat. Let’s see if I can make it through tomorrow 🙂


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DWQ Online Says:

You are so good. I need to give up meet and go to the gym. I’m too lazy an fat. But one day I will.