David tagged me to play this little meme. I figured I’m game! It only took me a week to finish it though 🙁

Name five blogs that make you think

Aravis, because of her outlook on life and her photos 🙂

Rich, his mix of religion and politics fascinate me.

Kip, cause his blog always makes me think about things I normally wouldn’t hear about.

MusicGuy, because of his outlook on life, politics and religion.

Moby, because he has such a serious and stressful job but always seems to be able to wind own and have fun.

Write six weird, unique, or unusual facts about yourself

1) I can quiver my eyes. This is a freaky little talent that comes in handy, especially with drunk people in bars (but should I have partaken in spirits it’s a struggle to pull off)

2) I have one of the longest running “Days” pages on the net, and I think the first “Passions” page. I’m not sure if that is unusual, weird, or unique . . . or all of the above.

3) I have a scar on my cheek that I idiotically gave myself in sixth grade. It involved an electric windshield scraper and my curiosity as to whether or not it was hot.

4) I didn’t get drunk for the first time until I was 26 (probably ancient by today’s standards)

5) Some of my closest friend I met online.

6) I was vegetarian for almost 7 years (PhD exam stress). I really want to go back to being one, but it’s a struggle.

Name eight random facts about yourself

1) Met the BF on Match.com a little over 5 years ago.

2) I was a band geek in high school (clarinet and oboe).

3) The only sport ever good at was gymnastics.

4) I was a skate rat for a few years in Jr. High. I guess nowadays this is a sport though.

5) I once ran a popular Sega Saturn web page.

6) I am a Brady Bunch trivia wiz (I won a game of Quizzo based on a Brady Bunch).

7) I hate talking on the phone, but in person will often not shut up.

8) My house is haunted.

6 Replies to “I Got Tagged!”

  1. So I take it the electric windshield scraper was in fact hot? 🙂

    I am so the same way. I hate talking on the phone but in person I never shut up. Hell in IMs even I never shut up.

  2. I, too was a skating rink rat and played the oboe. Those were the days, huh? lol

  3. Yeah, work is stressful but I’ve always been lucky in that I never bring it home w/me.

    Considering how much time I spend on the phone, I pretty much loathe it. Most of my friends know to email or text me.

    Wow, you met your bf on match.com and still together? Never had any luck w/online services.

  4. I too am a Brady Bunch Trivia Nut/Wiz 🙂 If you have not read it, I recomend “Growing up Brady, I was a Teenage Greg”

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