Remember them? I miss them! With cable being in so many homes today, it seems the networks no longer do the “Movies Of The Week” unless it’s something during sweeps like “The True Story Of Different Strokes.” Remember Sunday nights were always “The Wonderful World of Disney” on ABC? They would always show either a classic disney flick or some made for TV movie. Now they just show them on Disney Channel. There were also the 2 hour expanded TV shows that were promoted as a movie of the week, things like “The Facts of Life Goes Down Under.” Then you had the miniseries like all the Danielle Steele stuff. Okay I never watched that garbage, which re-runs on Lifetime all the time. Every now and then they’ll still do a Steven King miniseries on TV, again though only for sweeps usually.

In other news I head to Virginia tomorrow. The original plan was to go today, that was before the PC crash though. I technically could have gone home today though, I just didn’t rent a car. Did you know you can now put in for “green” cars on the rental places? I didn’t, I was terrible and didn’t rent one. I just need the cheapest thing please that runs and is safe, thanks.

I plan to see Keith while home, who basically told me I better make time for him lol. He wants to come up to NJ for a visit too, though the BF says the house is a mess. I told him I’d do a massive cleaning before Keith came. Most of the mess is his piling up mail though!

Should I stay in Virginia for the 4th I think Keith and I might hit the mall in DC for the fireworks. I haven’t done them in years, at least 10.

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  1. Yeah, I miss those Movies of the Week too, and was just thinking of the Disney one’s the other day. It was something to look forward to when I was a kid.

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