This was one of those weekends that you wish you had a time machine to go back and do a lot of stuff differently!

Emily and I decided we would finally get our butts to Philly for a fun night out. The events of the night began with the patco (transit/subway/rail system) to Philly. We are waiting in the station down by the tracks when a voice comes over the loud speaker “The police are on the way, get out of the station now!” There was a fair amount of people around, we are all puzzled. Again a voice tells us to leave the station. Well it turns out, some kids up in the actual station entrance were jumping the turnstiles or something.

We finally make it to Philly where we planned to eat at Jones, which is a fun American restaurant. We get there and some young man is in the entrance on his phone screaming obscenities. He’s asked to leave, and of course the cops come! More drama! We eventually enjoyed our dinner. However it later came back to haunt us. We got cheese perogies as an appetizer, they didn’t seem to sit well with either of us later on. It was either that or the drinks we had, as those were the only two things we both had.

After dinner we headed to Tavern on Camac to dance, which was dead dead dead until around midnight, then it seems everyone just showed up at once. We left around 12:30, both of us feeling blah from the dinner.

More drama at the patco station! As we wait for the taxi, some kid gets arrested. We don’t know why, but eventually we learn he had a warrant out for his arrest for something. He was taken to jail. He cooperated, so there wasn’t a scene or anything.

Back home, only to have my laptop crash. Windows broke basically and nothing was fixing it. My only option was a full format and starting over. Unfortunately I had backed NOTHING up since February! I was up till 5am figuring out how to get my files off the HD, otherwise I knew I’d be at best buy asking them to harvest the files from the HD for me. I fortunately got what I needed and spent the day re-installing everything on the latop. It’s not done yet, but I can at least work now.


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  1. I seriously thought there was a bomb at PATCO or something, when those announcements came over the speaker!

  2. What drama! I would have thought there was a bomb or something there, too. At least the night wasn’t totally boring. *G*

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