Drama! All night long! Where to even begin.

So I was a good boy and went to the gym again. On the way home I called to make sure the TV wasn’t going to be changed, Tivo was set to record “Hidden Palms” for me tonight. Well the BF was still working at the farm. It seems there was a big dance going on there tonight (they have a conservatory for functions). Dances have become the big thing to throw at the farm. Basically a group of kids organize it, pass out fliers and such at school, their rich mommies and daddies fit the overhead bill for what is needed, they charge admission and make a bundle.

Well drama at the dance tonight! As I’m on the way home I learn that just as the dance is starting, a few kids get the idea to show up with beer, jump the fences and go into the fields to drink. Obviously from the city looking for a thrill! They were caught, one punched “the farmer” and ran off. Well the cops were called, the idiot ran into woods that were completely fenced. A few hours later the kid sneaks out of the woods . . . . and tries to come back to the party! All these kids were arrested. The cops decide this is going to be a problem party and stuck around through the night. This ONTOP of security the party already hired mind you.

Around 11pm, when this thing is supposed to be ending, I notice there are now fire trucks and ambulances over at the farm. I tell the BF, who calls the sister. We all converge to find out what has happened now. There was a farm employee over there whose job it is basically to be the attendant on hand for these shindigs. We learn the police wrote up 8 incidents! I’m standing here thinking , after incident one the party should have been terminated! What the hell! Vomit ALL over the bathroom, a hole in the wall. It was disgusting.

The icing on the cake? The police BILLED the kids throwing the party for their “time” monitoring the party all night long. Too funny!

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