So I drove home to Virginia this week. My dentist is still here, yes I have not changed dentists yet. A good one is hard to find! I actually hadn’t been for a year and expected the worst, but no cavities! I don’t know how I managed that, something always needs to be filled or repaired. I was unfortunately warned down the road I’ll need two crowns as I have some old larger fillings that when they go, can’t be replaced. My appointment was made thinking I’d be going back on Monday for the followup. Now that I’m not, I may be headed back on Sunday. We shall see I guess.

Keith and I headed out for dinner tonight. We went to Gordon Biersch. It was so good, but I ate too much and ended up with a stomach ache. I have to say that I hate how so many restaurants are now only cooking beef medium or higher. At least I was actually given a choice to have medium, some places will only do it well nowadays. Poo poo! If I want a burger I want it medium rare! It’s my choice, you put the warning disclaimer on the menu, I can’t sue you if I get sick from it (I don’t think). Give me the pink!

Afterwards we hit the movies. Well we had a bit of a wait. I looked up times on Thursday, not realizing or thinking that they’d change on Friday. Oops! So we had to catch a much later showing. We saw “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was no “Spiderman 3.” Some reviewers have slammed it. If you enjoyed the first one, you will like this one. They did totally screw up Galactus though, which I understand has the comic fanboys in an uproar. I’m not a comic fanboy, but I know what Galactus is supposed to look like. Yeah they screwed him up.

The mall we hit tonight also had an apple store. Wouldn’t you know it, we arrived around 6pm, right when the iphone went on sale. The line wound around the inside of half the mall and out the damn door! The really funny part? Three hours later the line was gone, and we passed the store on the way out to the car. Apple people were standing outside letting passers by know they still had iphones! I’m sure next week the news will be full of iphone returns.