I had dinner with a friend last night whose moving across country for the next two years. She’s determined to come back, she hopes she comes back, but two years is a long time and who knows what will happen. It was really sad. To top it all off, another friend is moving by the end of the summer, though she’s just moving to outside of New York. That’s not too long of a trek. I am losing all my friends! I’ll need to put a friend wanted ad out soon!

Over dinner we talked about how we were officially grown ups, having to make important decisions and stuff. We both agreed it sucks. I have an “important decision” I’m in the midst of trying to make. I can’t really go into it (it has nothing to do with the BF). I’ve been seeking advice from EVERYONE I can who I know I can trust. I basically know what I need to do and should do, it’s just one of those things where you need to get reassurance from those around you (no I’m not dropping out of school).

Being an adult SUCKS


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  1. I”m your friend…and I can’t afford to go anywhere so I”ll be here for a few years at least. 🙂

    And I think you do know the answer to your dilemma…it’s a matter of growing a pair and doing it, and not looking back at the shouldas, the couldas, and the wouldas.

    My 2 cents.

  2. Fear and pain are great motivators for change. Making decisions are sometimes frought with difficulty and fear. I am apt to be told, when I have been in this position two things.

    1. That the right decision and the easy decisions are one in the same. And also;
    2. The right decision and the difficult decision are also one in the same.
    3. And if you are sitting in “indecision” and do not know where you are being led, that you sit where you are, take out your map, consult the oracle and survey the landscape around you then when you are ready take up your pack and choose which fork in the road you are going to take. Because without proper thought, meditation and faith, we may make the wrong decision and end up paying dearly in the end.

    So use your head and consult the oracle for the advice you need to make the right decision. And if you need another perspective ASK. You may never hear another perspective outside your comfort zone unless you inquire. And that inquiry may make things clearer than they have been and may spur you in a direction that you never imagined. But that is why we seek the alchemist in this life. Life is about the journey to ‘get there’ not necessarily the end point, but what you learn along the way.

    End of sermon.


  3. Hey Dustin,
    It’s been a while since I left you a comment!! I just wanted to say you are not alone…being an adult does suck! I have said that time and time again. When I was 15, 16 why the hell did I want to grow up so freaking fast?? I really truly hate being an adult!! 🙁

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