So I made it four days without meat, but tonight I caved. I went out to dinner with friends to PF Changs and had some meat. Starting tomorrow though I’m back on the wagon. I think I’m going to allow myself meat as long as it’s at a sit down restaurant, anytime else no meat!

Princess had to go to the vet on Friday. She’s been really itchy since the weather got hot. One of her ears has been bothering her real bad and got that wonderful dirty waxy build up. I knew it was swollen. She’s back on prednisone (sp?) for 2 weeks to open her ear back up, then I have to give her basic antihistamines to see if that helps. My poor baby!

I’m meeting a friend for drinks tomorrow evening. She heads to Seattle where she has a new 2 year job. I’m going to miss her so, but she’s determined to return to Philly when the job is over.

I know I had something else I wanted to blog about, but it’s late and I can’t remember. Plus I have that infernal Amy Winehouse song “Rehab” stuck in my head. It’s this years “Discotheca” on the cable music channel. They play it almost once an hour.


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  1. Sorry to hear about poor little Princess! Hope she’s better soon. Sorry, too, to hear about your friend’s imminent departure.

    But perhaps I’m most sorry to hear about the Winehouse song, because I really don’t like it and you’ve now given me the earworm!

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