I was determined to go sledding, but we didn’t have any sleds. I had planned to use an old skateboard deck, but couldn’t find them. They may have been thrown out . . . GASP! This is what we had used in the past few years if we ever went sledding (and it’s been years, but I know we had them circa 2006 as I have photos of us on them that Christmas).

We had old old metal saucers in the back corner of the yard . . . under two feet of snow of course! I’ve never had luck with those things unless your sledding on a sheet of ice (which tonight we will probably have out there). However the saucers have been there for so long, and are pretty dented.

I headed to the attic hoping maybe the skateboards were up there. They weren’t, but and old old old “you’ll shoot your eye out” era wooden sled with real metal runners was! I had struck gold.

So my brother and I headed out to sled down the street. We kept having to wait as stupid idiots were out driving. I’m tempted to go out after dark when it’s a sheet of ice (and hopefully nobody is stupid enough to be driving, but you know they will be). Usually most people in the past have gone down this street after dark because cars don’t traverse it too much.

Anyway, enjoy some photos and videos! (the videos may need time to be fully uploaded and converted to HD quality as well).

Dustin Rocking The Raiders Look From 1993 Dustin Sleds!


7 Responses to “Sledding!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

What fun—holy cow–hearing the sled with the bumps made my tummy hurt! I am just so excited for you to be able to have the snow/ice to play. Would John play outside if he was there?

You deserve this break and fun—thanks so much for sharing!


glittermom Says:

Good gravey! How far did you sled? and then you had to walk back?


Becky Says:

I love sledding and playing in the snow. I hope you had fun….I know you’ve been waiting for a good snow storm for a couple years now 🙂


Julia Hays Says:

I’m surprised that you could sled so far. The street that you were on looks flat.


Dustin Says:

It’s not, it’s curved and has a good slope, it’s just long. The longer you go, the faster you go, especially if it’s iced over 🙂


AJ Says:

Waaay cool! That looks like so much fun! LOL


Aravis Says:

This is great. Looks like you had a lot of fun! *G*