Vacation . . . NEXT WEEK!

The annual cruise is coming up . . . like NEXT WEEK! Of course I’m all kinds of not ready. I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than I was last year, so I’m not happy about that at all. I’m all about the Atkins diet till next week, but that will never last 🙂 I’ve got to get my courses planned as I start teaching when I get back, but at least this year I have something to go on and am not working from scratch. I know I need new shoes, and an Old Navy/Gap run will probably be made for some t-shirts. Every year I swear I won’t over pack, will just send things to be washed. It never happens. However this year with the fact that greedy airlines are now charging 20+ bucks for each bag period, it might happen. So might my muche overdue and planned speech about how their lame excuse that this is about fuel charges is crap since I am sure to get stuck sitting next to someone who alone weighs as much as me and both bags combined.

Hmmmm, what else? Twitter will be back on the blog for updates, as that shit was my sanity last year. Here is hoping I won’t need it this year though lol! Oh and I’m weak, I did go back to my iPhone. It became obvious I was paying a hefty phone bill for a piece of crap phone that all I could do was text on, since I don’t really talk much on my phone. Oh my Razr also crapped out on me. It works mind you, but the battery lasts about 2 hours max. I guess I should have anticipated that, it does say CINGULAR on the back! Also a friend warned me about pay-as-you-go phones, which I considered moving to, as in fact they are really just “use because you have no other choice otherwise they’ll suck your wallet dry” phones. Plus the piece de resistance was that John got an iPhone. Yeah, he was one of the reasons I tried doing with out because he used to always tease me about how addicted to it I was. He of course thinks it’s just fabulous!

Anyways, New Years seems to be a party at our place. I don’t know how many people will show, I have one for sure, a possible friend of the for sures, and one maybe. No matter how many people come, fun will be had. Oh and I’ll make sure to broadcast it on cam!


5 Responses to “Vacation . . . NEXT WEEK!”

Aravis Says:

Ooh, broadcast on the cam! Then I can be there too. *G*


boo Says:

Do you think all overweight people smell?


Dustin Says:

No, I knew I was gunna get in trouble for this ranting, I don’t even know why I went off last night. I was just being extreme with my points obviously. I shall remove it.


boo Says:

Awww, you didn’t have to remove it. I’m a fat ass, but I always smell good, lol. I have never been on a plane but if I did I would buy 2 seats bacause I would not want to invade anyone’s space. My son who is heavy but smells good buys 1 seat but he sits next to his skinny wife and she is ok with him invading her space. I understand what you meant by ticket price should be by weight of the person. I guess to be fair ticket price should be by the weight of the person and how much luggage they have. I heard someone say once that all big people smell bad that’s why I ask.


Dustin Says:

Actually I don’t think the ticket’s should be by weight, but I just used that argument because it’s the best way to point out there arguments weighing everything else is flawed 🙂 Just say we’re charging you extra now cause lol, don’t start saying it has to do with weight and fuel (cause they also now cram more people onto a plane, which is more weight, and then charge you more for the seats with more leg room lol)