Up Next, New Years!

So New Years is fast approaching, and unfortunately I have no idea what the plans are. Emily was gunna come over, but now she’s not. My other friend Jen (maybe she’ll see this lol) suggested possibly going out, but I haven’t heard from her on any ideas yet. John’s sister and her hubby from Texas are coming in and staying with his sister up here, and because of the other half I have no desire to do New Years up with them (i.e. him). Sorry but I refuse to be “put up with” when I know he won’t want me there and will give nasty looks all night long. Plus he doesn’t drink so it’s not like we can ply him with booze to maybe make him tolerable or have him pass out. Of course there is now a threat of snow storm #2 coming in that weekend, but as of yet nobody knows what it will amount to. That could just make sure nothing happens.

If it snows and we don’t want to go out in that (which I don’t having done it on New Years before, Philly is cold and miserable in those conditions!) or I don’t here from people, an open invite might go out on Facebook saying anyone with nothing to do is welcomed at our place and we can put you up for the night if need be. Movies, Singstar, Buzz Quiz World . . . um and whatever I can find for people to do. We even have dirty board games we’ve never played! We can watch the ball drop at midnight of course, but I don’t think I have any desire to watch New Years Rockin Eve on any channel unless they have someone good on.


One Response to “Up Next, New Years!”

Aravis Says:

I think New Year’s at your place sounds fun, and definitely better than the other possibilities. If I lived closer, I’d be there. *G*