Snow Snow SNOW!

I had planned to be out with a friend in Philly tonight. Instead I had to zoom home to Virginia, as I was originally planning to drive home tomorrow. However the east coast is getting a major snow storm starting tonight, and I was not about to drive 3 hours in that!

I’m home in Virginia now and it’s already snowing. I’m also decorating the Sci-Fi Fantasy tree here. Tomorrow will be a thousand and one baby Jesus playsets! I’ll be sure to post photos, as well as photos of the doggies in the snow. Though we could get 2 feet, which means they won’t be going very far in the snow!

Like most dogs, they love love love the snow! I am going to have to shovel a pee/poo patch hourly for them off the deck most likely. Given they are terriers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and tunnel through the stuff should it be deep enough.

Post Note . . . .

Snow Day!

Shoveling the back steps, porch and a poo/pee circle in the yard for the pups so that in a few hours they can still get out!


5 Responses to “Snow Snow SNOW!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Glad you checked in and are home safely in Virginia. Not sure where you are but the Weather Channel just broadcast from Roanoke and they already have 12 inches!!

I just want to get into Philly airport on Tuesday to be with my daughter, partner, and grandson.

Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Looking forward to the nativity pictures along with the doggies!


sean Says:

Just when you think your done shoveling, you have to do the pop and pee path. What kind of dog is Princess? I have two. Miss Truvy is a mix and Tramp is a Cairn Terrier.


Dustin Says:

Princess is a west, Nikko a Cairn (Brindle)


mlp Says:

Well, you’re finally getting your big snowstorm. Congrats!


brand new w Says:

wow look at all the snow you’re getting. i for one HATE snow, so i’m glad we’re snow-free up here – for now!!