A Holiday Snowem and Snowtos!

So I woke up around 10am and headed out to shovel AGAIN. Making a patch for the dogs, doing the deck, the front walk, etc. It’s all covered again already, so I’ll have to go back out later and clean up again. While outside it was very quiet, so I had time to think. I composed this little diddy to a well known holiday classic . . .

In my backyard we can build a snow-woman,
And give her giant boobs and call her Dolly P!
She’ll say “Are you married?” and I’ll say “Gay ma’am,”
“But I’ll come to your show when you’re in town!”

Later on, at the Dolly Show,
It’s a sea, of chicks and homos.
She belts out a song,
We all sing a long.
The drinks are good in Dollywoodland.
All is right in Dollywoodland.

And now for some photos! Click through for giant versions, especially if you want to examine ornaments 🙂

Looking Out From The Front Stoop Front Of The House

Out front, look close and you might spot a Princess in the window!

Nikko Princess, back steps

Nikko finds something in an old stump and won’t leave it (them) alone.
Princess says “Fuck this shit, I’m going back inside!”

Pop Culture Tree Side 1 Pop Culture Tree Side 2

The Star Wars / Wiz of Oz / Wonder Woman / Pop Culture / Life Day Tree – Click for giant photos to see the ornaments!

Main Tree Nativity Shelf!

The main tree (minus a tree skirt for now)
The Nativity Shelf! Our old nativities, plus the Time Life books LOL


2 Responses to “A Holiday Snowem and Snowtos!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Dustin—love the pictures. The dogs are so yours with your personality!!! I enjoyed the ability to do a close up on the ornaments.

So why is Baby Jesus in the nativity—I thought you put him in on Christmas Eve evening?

Enjoy the snow—but from what I’ve seen Cherry Hill has at least 16 inches!!It’s all of your wishing for a real snowstorm!

Wonderful holidays with your mom—stay safe and enjoy!



Dustin Says:

We put them out all at once lol.