Lost Remote *Found*

Right now I’m really annoyed, so I’m blogin about the issue. Tomorrow at some point I’m sure it will be solved, but I won’t be annoyed about it then, just aggravated. I’ve lost a remote! In this day and age when homes have far too many remotes, well I’ve lost the one to the amplifier/surround sound system. I know I saw it around 8pm when I last used it, but now I can’t find the foker. I’m sure I carried it off somewhere, I checked the bathroom, it’s not there. It will turn up tomorrow, but tomorrow is not now and I want to know where it is now. We have like 50 million remotes and I’m always losing the one I need. I wish those universal remotes things they always try to get you to buy actually worked, but we all know they don’t. That’s why we all have stacks of remotes!

Update: I found it! It was caught in the branches of this plant/tree thing! Fell off the arm of the couch and into it. I looked in the bottom of the pot last night and it wasn’t there, it was stuck in the branches.


4 Responses to “Lost Remote *Found*”

Becky Says:

You will eventually find it, it will turn up in the least possible place. Atleast that always happens with me when I least expect to find it.


jeremy Says:

Did you look between the cushions on the couch? On the shelves, the mantle, under the furniture? Did the dogs get it? Look in the last place you think you’d find it, I think we will laugh when you find it.



Sherri Says:

Sorry, but it sort of reminds me of that commercial where the tree reaches in the window and uses a spoon to get some green bean casserole then it keeps the spoon as an ornament.


Aravis Says:

That’s kind of funny! *G*

On 60 Minutes tonight, they did a segment on how out of control technology has gotten, so that even one of the country’s premier engineers couldn’t figure out how to set up a remote for his latest t.v. They focused mainly on remotes and how user-unfriendly many of them are. Then there’s the universal remote, which can give people nightmares when they try to set them up. They concluded with the notion that the Geek Squad (and their ilk) will not be without work for a very long time!