Clark Griswald, We Have Christmas Lights!


It’s usually the BF’s job to do the lights outside, he’s done them the past few years. However this year he hadn’t put any out. The lights from years past had worn out, and he had ordered new ones but not all of them came. I was going to go get some, but Tar Jay didn’t have what I wanted. I wanted icicle lights for the porch, and was going to put out some light up snowflakes too, but the ones that they put out as icicle lights aren’t what I want. I want the ones that look like icicles that light up like we had when I was a kid, not the strings of hanging lights the call icicle lights nowadays. I didn’t get to a Christmas store, which I’m sure would have them. However the BF ended up putting some red LED berry lights all over the bushes out front yesterday.

I feel bad, I haven’t been keeping up with the Christmas specials on TV. I’ll have to make up this weekend when Cartoon Network and ABC Family have their usual marathons of them. Last night I did watch my most favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” ever, the 70s musical version “Scrooge.” They used to show it on TV all the time when I was a kid, but nowadays your lucky to find it on at all. It’s usually on some obscure station late at night on Christmas Eve or in the early morning Christmas Day. I have it on DVD now so I can watch it in it’s wide screen glory 🙂


One Response to “Clark Griswald, We Have Christmas Lights!”

Lori Says:

I love how those lights look with snow on them! Are you getting any forcasts for a white Christmas at home or at your mom’s? I hate those ‘fake’ icicle lights they have out now, nothing like the originals. There are a few houses here that have them, with chunks of them burnt out. I feel like doing a midnight raid sometimes and going around the neighborhood and unplugging them, either have your lights all working or don’t turn them on! Oh the grinches spirit I have. As for A Christmas Carol, gotta be the Allistor Sims one for me, we have that and It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Story on dvd. A must watch marathon every Christmas Eve!