Christmas Almost Here

So I head back down to Virginia on Saturday for the week. I’m trying to finish up everything I can here before I go down. I hit the mall yesterday, but only bought things for me. Bad me! I bought some ornaments for the tree and a few shirts for the cruise in January. This of course means I’ll probably be going to Tyson’s’ Corners on Sunday. I guess I’ll get up early and go, but I’m sure everyone else under the sun will have the same idea.

I’ve been trying to finish things up around the house before I leave. I cleaned up the guest room downstairs. Okay it needs to be vacuumed, but I cleaned it up otherwise. It became the Christmas storage room and was a mess. Now it’s back to looking somewhat normal. The upstairs guest room has to get done. This will require vacuuming, boiling of the sheets, lysol’ing every surface and some incense burning and maybe some chanting. The BF’s brother stayed in it for about a month, and you should have seen the explosion. I should have taken a photo, it was a nightmare. I’m honestly not sure how he slept in the bed given the amount of crud he piled all over it.

Emily is coming over for New Years. We will watch the people in Times Square on our TV, drink, watch movies, drink, play Wii, drink, eat and drink. We are planning a feast of fun foods for the evening. It’s still not finalized and I suspect won’t be till that day when we probably go shopping.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Santa and I tonight. I was told to sit in his lap, I passed.



3 Responses to “Christmas Almost Here”

Aravis Says:

You saw Santa? What was the verdict: were you naughty or nice this year? *G*


boo1 Says:

Cute picture. Dustin, you’re one nice looking man! I wish I could join you and Emily for New Years, (JK, don’t panic, I can see you now, OMG this nut wants to visit). Our son and his wife spend every New Years Eve with her parents (I get them Christmas Day). Our daughter (soon to be 20) will have plans. So it’s usually the old man and me watching tv. We don’t drink but we sure have the eating part down too well, lol. Sadly we fall asleep usually before midnight.


Dustin Says:

i’ve been a very very naught boy!

Actually Emily and I met through the soap page and the blog, so it’s not that nutty 🙂