Stardust: Two Thumbs Way Up!

Last night I watched the film “Stardust.” I loved it! It was one of those films I wanted to see in the theaters, but never did. The film is a fantasy film, but not with dragons and stuff. It’s more of a fairy tale. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to buy it. If you are a fan of “The Princess Bride” then you’ll probably enjoy this film.

The movie is about a young man named Tristan who lives in a village in England called Wall, named so for the wall that runs by it. The wall separates the village from a forbidden zone, where they aren’t allowed. The rumor is there is a hidden world there. Tristan is trying to win the love of a girl in town, and to do so he vows to find a fallen star they see one night. It falls on the other side of the wall, this takes him into the other world where magic and witches and everything else in a fairy tale world exists. Much to his surprise, the fallen star turns out to be a beautiful girl. Well you can figure out where this is going. Throw in some princes who are after the star as it’s a test to see who ascends to the throne and a witch who wants to eat the heart of the star to make herself young and beautiful again and you have the makings of what turns out to be a really fun movie.


2 Responses to “Stardust: Two Thumbs Way Up!”

Aravis Says:

I saw this in the theaters, and loved it too! The princes, and De Niro, really made it for me. The whole thing was excellent, though. Glad you liked! :0)


Ryan Says:

Ohh kewl, that does sound like a good movie. Hrmm, I love Michelle P.