Planning A Party For Three

I head home tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that glorious three hour drive, but am looking forward to getting back to my own house. Though I have much work to do for New Years Eve! Of course it’s a party for three: myself the BF and Emily. So it’s not like I have that much to do. The BF supposedly cleaned yesterday, hopefully that is good. He probably didn’t do the bathroom I’m betting, so I’ll have to do that. I still have to change the sheets on the bed in Emily’s room upstairs, vacuum, burn some incense, spray ever surface with Lysol (the BF’s brother stayed in there for a month).

Saturday I hit the store to buy food supplies. The menu is supposedly quesadillas (with sour cream and guacamole) and mini pizzas. I’m making the pizza sauce the day before, everything else we’ll make the day of. Oh I have some Betty Crocker molten lava chocolate cakes we can make too. I’m not sure if we are just cooking everything at my house that day or what, I assume that would be easiest.

For entertainment Emily is bringing “Harry Potter Scene-It” and then of course there is the Wii. Emily has to see “Hairspray” still so we may put that on, then at midnight put on “Rocky Horror” for good measure. We’ll tune into Dick Clark throughout the evening just to see what’s going on.


5 Responses to “Planning A Party For Three”

The Persian Says:

I am right there with your bf on cleaning the bathroom… I used to “forget” to do it during my last relationship so he had to.

The menu sounds really good, I like how you make your own pizza sauce.

Happy New Year!


Carrie Says:

Do you mind sharing your pizza sauce recipe?

It sounds like you have a great night planned! I love Rocky Horror! I might have to break out my copy just for the hell of it LOL!

Happy New Year!!


Dustin Says:

I’ll add the pizza sauce recipe up this weekend. Honestly I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know how good it will be lol. It’s a crock pot recipe that basically uses paste, sauce and herbs mostly.


Becky Says:

“Harry Potter-Scene it” is so fun. My daughter got it for Xmas last year and we still play it!! We just got a Wii, can you recommend any good fun games? Have a great night!:)


Dustin Says:

Super Mario Galaxy is probably the best game out for it right now. In February SUper Smash Brother Brawl comes out which will be good.

If you like puzzle/thinking type games, and aren’t too squimish, the trauma center games are really good (and cheap). There are 2 in the series out, but there is a 3rd “fake” game, ie someone tried to spoof the idea and it’s not as good. I think the originals are Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Trauma Center: Fresh Blood.