Home Sweet Home; Christmas Part Deux

I made it home today, and let me tell you the drive was HELL. I got a car which had the CD/Radio LOCKED by some security code. Honestly I should have taken it back, but for some reason I didn’t. Let me tell you if this ever happens again, I will. A three hour drive with NO music is likely to drive one insane!

We had Christmas Part II when I got home and exchanged our gifts. Remember my Grandma’s Christmas village and how I was trying to find the new ones put out a year or two ago but they stopped making them? The BF got them for me! Yippeee! He also got me this cool thing I’ve never heard of called a slingbox. You hook it up to your cable/tivo and your internet router, then using a laptop or any computer with a net connection you can access your home tv and watch tv on your PC. You can switch the channels and everything. Sweet!

Anyways, off to watch some movies and spend time with the BF. This weekend I have school work to do and to get ready for New Years. The house is immaculate, so I don’t have to clean at all. The BF even did the guest room sheets! I’m sure I still need to vacuum in there though lol. Oh for those who asked, I’ll add the pizza sauce recipe up this weekend. Actually I’ve never tried it, so I should probably make it first and decide if it’s actually good.




3 Responses to “Home Sweet Home; Christmas Part Deux”

Carrie Says:

That is awesome, Dustin! It sounds like you had a great Christmas! Your village is really nice!


Aravis Says:

What a wonderful 2nd Christmas! And what thoughtful gifts. He must think you’re pretty special. :0)


Becky Says:

The village pieces are beautiful! You must have been so surprised:)