I think everything is in readiness for tomorrow. Emily did a booze run and some grocery runs today. I cleaned the guest room up for her, made the pizza sauce and whole wheat crust. I have a bit too much actually. I made a small test pizza tonight, it was good! I also chopped up all the vegetables for the quesadillas, so they should be easy and quick to make tomorrow night. The tricky thing will probably be pigs in a blanket. It’s shouldn’t be hard, we shall see. I’m not sure WHY we are making all this food for three people. We will have lots of left overs for sure. We could possibly have one more person showing up, should the poor soul not have plans for tomorrow and feel festive. This means I may have to do a quick clean of the downstairs guest room too should they need to crash.

Hard to believe, but we heard to Virginia next Tuesday and fly out to Orlando on Wednesday. It’s that time of year again, cruise time! This time we are doing Royal Caribbean, which we’ve never done before. We are also going on Liberty of the Seas, which is the biggest ship in the world right now. It should be an adventure. The ship has a fricken ice skating rink in it! I’m sure it’s a small one, but that is just insane really. I have a butt load of work to do as usual before then, so I have a busy week ahead.

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  1. I hope that the three of you have an amazing New Year’s Eve, and best wishes for 2008! I’m looking forward to hearing about that cruise ship…

  2. I just thought I would share my easy recipe for franks in a blanket. Buy your favorite brand of hotdogs and a roll of pilsbury cresent rolls (not the buttery flavored one). Open the cresent rolls and take 2 triangles (dont break them appart so they should be rectangular in shape) and wrap them around one hot dog. Completely cover the hotdog in cresent rolls and place on cutting board. Cut the hot dog into 1/4 inch slices (or thicker if you like) and place standing on end on a backing sheet. Cook as directed on cresent roll pack or until cresent rolls are golden brown. As another tip…I often use hotdogs that are still frozen and it still comes out great. Happy New Years!

  3. Sounds like you will have a great evening! Have a safe New Year’s and I also can’t wait to see your pics of this year’s cruise:)

  4. Happy New Years to you both!(and Emily too!) Look forward to reading your blog and Days page in 2008!

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