Christmas Eve Is Here!

Wow it just seems the year has flown by, it’s Christmas Eve again! I of course waited till the last minute to wrap gifts, so that is what I was doing today. I’m a terrible wrapper, so they look pretty bad. It didn’t help that some of the boxes were huge and not fun to wrap. Oh well, the paper is just going to get torn off anyway!

It’s unusually warm here in Virginia, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m currently tracking Santa at Norad Santa tracker. I’m pretty sure these videos they are showing are the same ones used last year. Bummer. I’ll know when he hits New York around 10pm or so, I remember that video well.

Anyway, I’m off to play some video games, chat with friends, kill some time until Christmas movies come on this evening. Hope whatever you are doing is relaxing and fun!

– Dustin


2 Responses to “Christmas Eve Is Here!”

KipEsquire Says:

Have a great day tomorrow! 🙂


jeremy Says:

Merry Christmas Dustin…