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Windows Vista: CANCEL CANCEL!

Oh My Gawd! So I got Vista on my desktop. Oops! It seems even though it passed the online check, my sound card is too old and not compatible. I tried a few “jimmied” drivers on the net to no avail. I’ll be going to Best Buy or Staples tomorrow to find a cheap ass 30 dollar sound card. I found a Soundblaster FOR 30 dollars that supposedly has Vista support. I am not paying 100+ bucks for a sound card for Vista. Not going to happen.

Oh and that commercial for Macs with the whole “Cancel or Allow” . . . . that’s not a joke . . . . they aren’t kidding.

Stay away from Vista!

Of course once I get everything running as it should be, I could have a totally different opinion . . . maybe.

*Update* After a lot of fiddling, I got the onboard (ie crappy built into the motherboard) audio working. It’s better than nothing, but I think I’ll still get that 30 dollar Sound Blaster which will work with the desktop.

Unfortunately my wireless card DOESN’T work. I’m not buying another one, I will by the longest network cable I can and have the BF run it under the floor and through the basement rafters to the desktop 🙂


Vista Vista Vista

I got my second “upgrade” copy of Vista today, so I’m taking the plunge tonight and installing it on the desktop, which will be my guinea pig. Granted unlike the laptop, it isn’t out of the box Vista compatible. I’ve upgraded it enough though that I know it will run Vista. We shall see what happens! It is currently installing . . . . . It may be a long night.

SANJAYA I LOVE YOU! Seriously, SERIOUSLY! What the hell was with “American Idol” tonight? That little crying girl for Sanjaya was too much. He needs to go home. He needs to go home right now. I think aside from the fact that NOTHING else is on TV, the only reason I watch this is for the punk girl with the pink hair.

I pulled a muscle in my calf this morning, in bed of all places. No I wasn’t doing anything strenuous! I was stretching as I woke, thought it was a Charlie horse and then later realized I pulled something. The minute my leg is okay I WILL get back to the gym. With Spring here and Summer around the corner, I want to get in better shape. Plus it will help with stress I’m sure.

Great, Windows Vista install is crashing on me . . . . . I’m channeling the Mac commercial right about now.


Heroes Spoilers!


Looks like one or more of our “Heroes” will meet their maker in the season finale as all the heroes end up in New York, an event we’ve seen flashes of all season long. Who will be kicking the bucket?

I have always thought Ando, while not a hero hero, would not make it. As for a real hero to kick the bucket, Isaac the painter was foreshadowed as having been killed when Hiro traveled to the future. I think he might not be long for the world.


Pet Food Contamination!

Be sure to check out Menu Foods as there is a huge recall on a number of dog and cat foods.


Green Green Green

So I am a day late, but I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day. In the end a lot of things contributed to my staying in, most notably the fact that I was feeling Green. I just wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and was not up for braving a possible crowd in Philly, especially with all the icy snow on the ground.

Speaking of the snow, I can honestly say I’m over my desire for a blizzard! I want it to all melt and stay away. We are supposed to get back up into the 70s this weekend. Good! I’m hoping to try and shake my groove thing with friends this weekend at some point. I also know others want to come over and watch movies and play Wii one night too. So much to do!

I find myself going though television withdrawal. There is nothing on because of March madness! No new “Desperate Housewives” or “Brothers and Sisters” for 2 whole weeks now! o new “Heroes” till April! Denied! I bet that damn Fresh Prince is still on Nick at Night. At least we did get a new “Grey’s” and “Ugly Betty.” Love George and Izzy! Tomorrow “Dancing With The Stars” starts. I’ll probably be watching that, since nothing else is on.

I have some movies I want to get around to blogging about. Some I have yet to watch though and some come out this week, like “Eragon”.


Let It Sleet

From about 6am till around midnight we were pounded with a storm that was a mix of sleet and snow. It’s a mess out there right now! I am afraid what it is going to be like in the morning after all of this stuff has frozen over.

If the the conditions aren’t terrible and everyone is up for it, we may venture out tomorrow night. Of course I had forgot that it was Saint Patrick’s Day, which could just be pure insanity. I remember trying to do Saint Patrick’s last year, what a nightmare!

Not much else to report tonight, aside from the fact that I forgot to go to the store for bread and milk before the storm. Seriously, I needed to go to the store and didn’t and we are running low on things to eat! Now I know why everyone runs to the store before a big storm.


Spring Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have been a bit down in the dumps this week. I’ve just been frustrated on edge. I was so looking forward to a possibly night out in the city this weekend, which I haven’t done since early January (the night of the mini-break down before the cruise lol). I’ve been trying to go out with my friends Emily and Mary for a long time now, it just has never come together. We all need to go out and get our dancing groove on. With my mood I thought this weekend would be great, it would be the pick-me-up I need.

Well it looks like it might not happen! I’ve been wishing for a snow storm for forever and Mother Nature looks to be giving it to me this weekend! We’ve gone from a gorgeous spring day on Wednesday, to cold and rainy on Thursday, to down right cold and snow showers Friday through Saturday. Well at least that is what the weather people are saying about the snow/weather. We’ll see if it happens. If it does it could ruin a possible night out :(. How ironic it chooses now to snow, when I least want it.

Last night I watched the “Borat” movie. First of all, I got it shipped via my new Blockbuster Total Access account. I looked at the DVD, which appeared in the dark and at a quick glance to be a pirated DVD with Borat written in a Sharpe. I thought Blockbuster sent me a pirated DVD! My friends were like “turn them in, you will get so much money.” Come to find out the DVD is made to look like that. Doh! I feel so stupid. Indeed upon closer inspection the DVD is supposed to look like a home produced DVD.

The movie itself I just didn’t get. I thought it was aggravating and dumb, which isn’t surprising as I can’t even sit through his show. The only part I liked of the whole movie was the “dinner party” scene. Two thumbs down to “Borat.” It just wasn’t my kind of movie.

In other news I got one of two Vista upgrades coming my way. Two you say? Yes because I had two HP laptops 🙂 Let’s not even go there again! Anyways I am sooooo tempted to install it, but I must resist! Actually I may install it on the desktop first, as I don’t use it much anymore. I’ll let the BF be the guinea pig. Of course I have to make the choice of a clean install or just an upgrade and keep all my files and settings. There really isn’t TOO much on the desktop that I need to save honestly, mostly games and stuff I believe. Sure I have a ton of programs installed on it, but most I don’t use and there are no really important files that can’t be quickly moved to the second hard drive for backing up. Having been down this road before, the keeping what is on there and overwriting the existing OS is the easy way to go in the short run, but it is usually always best just to do the clean install. Choices!


I Want My Medium TV

Once again, a night of reruns. Of course “Lost” was new, but I am the only one in America who hasn’t gotten into that show. As for “American Idol,” what can I say? When the hell is America going to send Sanjaya home? I’m about to lose patience with that show. If there was anything else on then I’d be watching it!

HP has shipped my Windows Vista upgrade, but I’m afraid to apply it. Part of me wants to, the other part knows I need to wait until the summer when they’ve released a service pack upgrade. My laptop doesn’t have any hardware that should have conflicts, but who knows about software! Some of my school programs are so fricken old that they may not run on Vista. I have an older laptop that I could use as the backup, cause it is not good enough for Vista. Still, it seems like a lot of hassle right now. Must . . . resist . . . Vista.

The only other news is that I finally switched my Blockbuster movie pass over to their new online/in store thing. Hey it’s 1/2 the price for pretty much the same thing! They already shipped me “Borat” and “Killer Drag Queens on Dope.” Hey, I was desperate, I needed some movies that I could just exchange in the store. I do want to see “Bortat,” but I fear I’ll never finish it. I can’t stand his show on HBO as is. As for the Drag Queens, hey it sounded kinda good.


Sweet Sweet Lovehangover

OMG There has been nothing on TV, notttthhiinngggg. Of course last night Nick at Night had a fricken “Fresh Prince” marathon. I just checked and there is another one tonight! I swear Will Smith must own half of that station, all they show is “Fresh Prince.”

As I write this I’m watching “American Idol,” which is just so awful tonight. Of course I get in the shower when Simon decides to out Ryan Seacrest live on TV. The only interesting part of the show and I’m in the shower. It’s Will Smith’s fault, somehow.

In other news, according to Michael Ausiello at, Eric Winter (ex Rex Brady on Days) is joining the cast of my new favorite show, “Brothers and Sisters!” He will play Rob Lowe’s (Senator McAllister) gay brother. The Senator, who is planning on running for President on the show, is also the love interest of Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart). For those who don’t watch, both are Republicans. Kitty’s brother Kevin (Matthew Ryhs) is not and is really opposed to Lowe’s character for signing onto the Federal Marriage Amendment. Surprise surprise, the Senator has a gay brother! This only infuriated Kevin even more. Of course with the introduction of the brother you know he’s destined to wind up as another love interest for poor Kevin, who can’t seem to find anyone and hold onto them. In case you can’t tell, I love this show 🙂

Meanwhile, Medium looks to be a repeat tomorrow . . . damn it.


Please Give Me Back That Hour

Last night I went to bed exactly when the clock on the cable box changed. I looked at the time before heading upstairs, laid down, looked at the cable box and immediately lost that hour of the day.

When I woke up this morning I looked at the clock, I knew it wasn’t really 9am dammit. The dog was barking downstairs for me to get the hell up, so I did. Grrrr! All day long every time I looked at the clock I said “I can’t believe it is X o’clock already.” I am so behind, I need that hour back now!

In other frustrating news, what the hell is with TV tonight? Did everyone in programing decide nobody would know what time it was today and so therefore they decided to show repeats all night long? I miss the days when they made enough TV shows to last the whole season without 2 weeks of re-runs airing between new episodes.