Green Green Green

So I am a day late, but I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day. In the end a lot of things contributed to my staying in, most notably the fact that I was feeling Green. I just wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and was not up for braving a possible crowd in Philly, especially with all the icy snow on the ground.

Speaking of the snow, I can honestly say I’m over my desire for a blizzard! I want it to all melt and stay away. We are supposed to get back up into the 70s this weekend. Good! I’m hoping to try and shake my groove thing with friends this weekend at some point. I also know others want to come over and watch movies and play Wii one night too. So much to do!

I find myself going though television withdrawal. There is nothing on because of March madness! No new “Desperate Housewives” or “Brothers and Sisters” for 2 whole weeks now! o new “Heroes” till April! Denied! I bet that damn Fresh Prince is still on Nick at Night. At least we did get a new “Grey’s” and “Ugly Betty.” Love George and Izzy! Tomorrow “Dancing With The Stars” starts. I’ll probably be watching that, since nothing else is on.

I have some movies I want to get around to blogging about. Some I have yet to watch though and some come out this week, like “Eragon”.



2 Responses to “Green Green Green”

jeremy Says:

I’m glad you are feeling better… If you are a reader of Christopher Paolini like I am one should have read through Eragon and Eldest to this point. At least twice. I saw Eragon on the tube not long ago, and it lacks the story of the book, and blurs the timeline and I was disappointed that it went to press as it was. If you read the book, keep it. Although the movie lends voice and creation special effects to the book, I think that’s the only draw of the movie. I did not waste money going to the theatre.

Now, the Oscar movies are all great, sans Dreamgirls, which has yet to hit DVD.



Aravis Says:

I haven’t watched Eragon yet either, though I’m looking forward to it. I’ve really enjoyed the books so far.