Let It Sleet

From about 6am till around midnight we were pounded with a storm that was a mix of sleet and snow. It’s a mess out there right now! I am afraid what it is going to be like in the morning after all of this stuff has frozen over.

If the the conditions aren’t terrible and everyone is up for it, we may venture out tomorrow night. Of course I had forgot that it was Saint Patrick’s Day, which could just be pure insanity. I remember trying to do Saint Patrick’s last year, what a nightmare!

Not much else to report tonight, aside from the fact that I forgot to go to the store for bread and milk before the storm. Seriously, I needed to go to the store and didn’t and we are running low on things to eat! Now I know why everyone runs to the store before a big storm.



One Response to “Let It Sleet”

Aravis Says:

My husband’s store always gets slammed when storms are expected. I never think about it but then, it’s his job to bring stuff home with him. ;0) We’ve gotten about 1′ of snow, probably more by now. I’m snowed in, and I’m liking it. I just worry about my husband’s commute to/from work.