Spring Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have been a bit down in the dumps this week. I’ve just been frustrated on edge. I was so looking forward to a possibly night out in the city this weekend, which I haven’t done since early January (the night of the mini-break down before the cruise lol). I’ve been trying to go out with my friends Emily and Mary for a long time now, it just has never come together. We all need to go out and get our dancing groove on. With my mood I thought this weekend would be great, it would be the pick-me-up I need.

Well it looks like it might not happen! I’ve been wishing for a snow storm for forever and Mother Nature looks to be giving it to me this weekend! We’ve gone from a gorgeous spring day on Wednesday, to cold and rainy on Thursday, to down right cold and snow showers Friday through Saturday. Well at least that is what the weather people are saying about the snow/weather. We’ll see if it happens. If it does it could ruin a possible night out :(. How ironic it chooses now to snow, when I least want it.

Last night I watched the “Borat” movie. First of all, I got it shipped via my new Blockbuster Total Access account. I looked at the DVD, which appeared in the dark and at a quick glance to be a pirated DVD with Borat written in a Sharpe. I thought Blockbuster sent me a pirated DVD! My friends were like “turn them in, you will get so much money.” Come to find out the DVD is made to look like that. Doh! I feel so stupid. Indeed upon closer inspection the DVD is supposed to look like a home produced DVD.

The movie itself I just didn’t get. I thought it was aggravating and dumb, which isn’t surprising as I can’t even sit through his show. The only part I liked of the whole movie was the “dinner party” scene. Two thumbs down to “Borat.” It just wasn’t my kind of movie.

In other news I got one of two Vista upgrades coming my way. Two you say? Yes because I had two HP laptops 🙂 Let’s not even go there again! Anyways I am sooooo tempted to install it, but I must resist! Actually I may install it on the desktop first, as I don’t use it much anymore. I’ll let the BF be the guinea pig. Of course I have to make the choice of a clean install or just an upgrade and keep all my files and settings. There really isn’t TOO much on the desktop that I need to save honestly, mostly games and stuff I believe. Sure I have a ton of programs installed on it, but most I don’t use and there are no really important files that can’t be quickly moved to the second hard drive for backing up. Having been down this road before, the keeping what is on there and overwriting the existing OS is the easy way to go in the short run, but it is usually always best just to do the clean install. Choices!



2 Responses to “Spring Today, Gone Tomorrow”

DWQ Online Says:

Install Vista on the laptop. You’ll love it.


KipEsquire Says:

I’m heeding the warnings about iTunes and Vista and holding off until they update iTunes.

I bet you’d love SBC’s other character, Bruno, the gay Austrian techno-dude who mocks culture vultures. Look him up on YouTube. 🙂