I Want My Medium TV

Once again, a night of reruns. Of course “Lost” was new, but I am the only one in America who hasn’t gotten into that show. As for “American Idol,” what can I say? When the hell is America going to send Sanjaya home? I’m about to lose patience with that show. If there was anything else on then I’d be watching it!

HP has shipped my Windows Vista upgrade, but I’m afraid to apply it. Part of me wants to, the other part knows I need to wait until the summer when they’ve released a service pack upgrade. My laptop doesn’t have any hardware that should have conflicts, but who knows about software! Some of my school programs are so fricken old that they may not run on Vista. I have an older laptop that I could use as the backup, cause it is not good enough for Vista. Still, it seems like a lot of hassle right now. Must . . . resist . . . Vista.

The only other news is that I finally switched my Blockbuster movie pass over to their new online/in store thing. Hey it’s 1/2 the price for pretty much the same thing! They already shipped me “Borat” and “Killer Drag Queens on Dope.” Hey, I was desperate, I needed some movies that I could just exchange in the store. I do want to see “Bortat,” but I fear I’ll never finish it. I can’t stand his show on HBO as is. As for the Drag Queens, hey it sounded kinda good.



4 Responses to “I Want My Medium TV”

Aravis Says:

I’ve never gotten into Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

In other words, I’m nowhere near the mainstream American demographic!

I agree about resisting Vista. I’m not going near it until they have all the bugs worked out. They always say that they’ve worked out the kinks before releasing an updated OS, but they never really have. I like to let time pass before switching for that reason.


DWQ Online Says:

I’m with Aravis. I don’t understand any of those shows except American Idol. I am following it this year but I am wearing thin on it.

As someone who has had Vista since the day it hit teh shelves, I love it. Think it’s awesome. Greatest thing since sliced break no scratch that – greatest thing since Windows XP.


Blanca Says:

hey Dustin!! not sure on how else to get a hold of you, ive been reading your DOOL site for years now. i wanted to share this clip with you, i think you might find it funny! http://www.tmz.com/tmz_main_video?titleid=649589151


hot lunch Says:

i’m rooting for Sanjaya. then again, i am a fan of the website VoteForTheWorst.Com

too bad i’m Canadian, otherwise my fingers would be numb from dialing for Sanjaya!