OMG There has been nothing on TV, notttthhiinngggg. Of course last night Nick at Night had a fricken “Fresh Prince” marathon. I just checked and there is another one tonight! I swear Will Smith must own half of that station, all they show is “Fresh Prince.”

As I write this I’m watching “American Idol,” which is just so awful tonight. Of course I get in the shower when Simon decides to out Ryan Seacrest live on TV. The only interesting part of the show and I’m in the shower. It’s Will Smith’s fault, somehow.

In other news, according to Michael Ausiello at, Eric Winter (ex Rex Brady on Days) is joining the cast of my new favorite show, “Brothers and Sisters!” He will play Rob Lowe’s (Senator McAllister) gay brother. The Senator, who is planning on running for President on the show, is also the love interest of Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart). For those who don’t watch, both are Republicans. Kitty’s brother Kevin (Matthew Ryhs) is not and is really opposed to Lowe’s character for signing onto the Federal Marriage Amendment. Surprise surprise, the Senator has a gay brother! This only infuriated Kevin even more. Of course with the introduction of the brother you know he’s destined to wind up as another love interest for poor Kevin, who can’t seem to find anyone and hold onto them. In case you can’t tell, I love this show 🙂

Meanwhile, Medium looks to be a repeat tomorrow . . . damn it.


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  1. American Idol was pretty bad tonight. So sad.

    I so want to get into Brothers and Sisters but I feel have gotten so far behind since I have yet to watch one episode and ABC doesn’t show them all online.

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