Please Give Me Back That Hour

Last night I went to bed exactly when the clock on the cable box changed. I looked at the time before heading upstairs, laid down, looked at the cable box and immediately lost that hour of the day.

When I woke up this morning I looked at the clock, I knew it wasn’t really 9am dammit. The dog was barking downstairs for me to get the hell up, so I did. Grrrr! All day long every time I looked at the clock I said “I can’t believe it is X o’clock already.” I am so behind, I need that hour back now!

In other frustrating news, what the hell is with TV tonight? Did everyone in programing decide nobody would know what time it was today and so therefore they decided to show repeats all night long? I miss the days when they made enough TV shows to last the whole season without 2 weeks of re-runs airing between new episodes.



5 Responses to “Please Give Me Back That Hour”

Dana Says:

I’m the same way with the time thing. It has threw my whole day off!


Arie Says:

Yes… funny thing – I feel the same way. All day I was thinking okay it’s 12 but its really like 11. I am used to staying up late too so I am not sure how I am suppose to go to bed knowing I am going a full hour early. Maybe I’ll self medicate myself with booze! lol!

And about the rerun thing. Ditto! Everyone’s been talking about Heroes and how its such a great show but with all the reruns I think I am gonna check it out during hiatus. I can’t wait til dancing w/ the stars.

Hope you have a good week! Try not to kill yourself with work and school and trying love live a social life. =)


Aravis Says:

I guess it depends on what shows you’re watching. There were new episodes of Extreme Home Makeover, Amazing Race, Cold Case and Without a Trace. :0) Also loving Dresden Files on SciFi!


karen Says:

i agree! i am so tired of the shows taking all these breaks. didn’t we just get over a month long break of new shows around christmas? it’s so frustrating, and hero’s is the worst offender, with house a close second.


Janelle Says:

I totally agree!! why is it that when a show gets REAL popular, we get less new shows and WAY more repeats? It’s like we, as viewers, get punished for liking a show.