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The Hell That Has Been These Past Few Days

I finally finished the paper and sent it off to the guy for publishing. Thank the lord that is over. I will never ever agree to present a paper at a conference or publish something until the dissertation has been turned in. It is just too much of a distraction. Anyways, with that done it’s back to work on the dissertation tomorrow!

Right now I have a million and one web page things I should be doing, but it is 11pm and I just don’t want to. I think I’m going to give up and try and relax.

Also tomorrow the BF, Emily and I have dinner plans at PF Changs. Mmmmmmm. Hopefully we won’t get sick this time.


Screwed Again!

We got screwed over again by the snow police, maybe 2 inches at most. Grrrr! Today it is all pretty much gone. I give up, no blizzard for us this year!

Last night I finally started to edit my article for publication, which I swore I’d have turned in today at the latest. I may have to have it in tomorrow, this has turned into a huge headache. I didn’t realize how much research I’d have to do just to find all the things I cited in this paper! My bibliography is a mess, uhg. Like I said, a nightmare. It will probably be an all nighter to get this done. I am usually much more organized than this!

In other news, Kathy Griffin is coming to Philadelphia! Alert “The Gays.” The BF loves her so I’m going to try and get us tickets to see her.


Oh My . . . . Snow Dreams Come True?

We are in the middle of another cold snap. It has been bone chilling cold and we’ve been having horrible winds. They’ve even put out warnings out for the winds because they are so bad. They are also calling for a snow storm! We could possibly get up to 4 inches. Not exactly a blizzard, but a heck of a lot more snow than we’ve seen so far.

Really I don’t have much else to blog about today unfortunately. I have to finish up an article on my research (the same article I presented at a meeting back in November) to submit for publication, then I have to get back to focusing on the dissertation draft.

We didn’t win the Mega Million πŸ™ One of you out there better not win it, that is my money damnit! I need it to buy my cabin in the woods where I can live to finish up the disseration πŸ™‚


Everybody Comes To Bollywood

It was another interesting dream last night! I’m not sure why I dreamed what I did, but it was a dozy. I was somewhere, where I never really pinpointed. I for some reason felt it was Bali (I know Bollywood is not there). I was at some weird massage parlor with two girls, who I can’t really remember who they were. They were the kind of girls you think are your friends but aren’t, and then you have that awkward moment when you realize this. This would be that moment. Anyways we were at this spa or whatever and I had bought some three treatment package. The first part was a massage, the second part was some weird foot rub and the third I never got to enjoy. The woman who was supposed to do it was an hour late, then when she showed up she disappeared again. I got annoyed and decided to pack it up and leave. I made the right choice, reading about the treatment they were going to do some weird wrap where they used crushed ancient bones from actual humans! Eww!

Later the BF appeared in the dream out of nowhere and we ran into my friend Krista from school Surprise! She, her husband and their whole family where there. She was also pregnant. Surprise! They were all big fans of this place we were, which again I’m not sure but think was Bali. They were staying for 20 days and had rented the Imperial Palace to stay in. Okay! We asked what we should see while here and they all recommended the “Dueling Divas” show. All I could think was that it was some Bollywood dance battle type show.

I have no idea why I dreamed any of this.


The Weather Can

Much like me a lot of the time, the weather this weekend couldn’t decide if it wants to be sunny and warm, cloudy and cool or send down some snow flurries.

Friday night was the Scissor Sisters concert. It was so much fun! I hate The Electric Factory, the place where the concert was. It just has terrible acoustics and is hard to hear at times, but for 25 bucks I shouldn’t complain. We had a great view point of the stage and band as we got there early. They were so much fun!

On Saturday Emily came over. We did some shopping then hung out and played Nintendo Wii. Oh we also hit the Macaroni Grill for dinner πŸ™‚ We both ate a little too much πŸ™

The French Onion soup was sooooo good! However I will change a few things next time I make it, which will be this week probably. Here is the recipe I used from my cookbook. This was 1 of 2 recipes the book included (they were very similar, the main difference was the broth and the amount of onions used). This recipe claims to make enough for 2, but really it’s more like 1 big soup bowls worth. The recipe also said it was for a small round crockpot. I had a medium oval, it worked fine. I think the cooking time was just a little less for the onions. If your using a larger crockpot then you may have to watch even more carefully. If you double the recipe to make more, you may have to increase the cooking time for the onions.

French Onion Soup – Crockpot Style

First turn the crockpot on low. Put in 1 1/2 teaspoons of flavorful olive oil and 1 1/2 teaspoons of unsalted butter. Let it melt.

You’ll need either 2 medium onions or 1 large onion. I used yellow onions, though apparently white or red are the best to use. Take the skin off, wash and cut each onion in half. Then thinly slice them into half-moons.

Place the onions (about 2 heaping cups full) into the cooker. Sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Toss the onions around so they all get coated.

You’ll need to cook the onions for about 10-11 hours on low. Stir them once or twice, but don’t overstir. The onions will caramelize on their own and shrink down. You want them to be a dark brown color but not burnt. Mine took about 8-9 hours to get here, so keep an eye on the pot when you are nearing the end! Again adjust cooking time for the size of the pot and amount of onions if increasing the recipe.

Add in 2 cups of homemade beef broth or 1 14.5 ounce can of good quality store bought broth. You’ll let this sit for another hour or two. Add salt and pepper for seasoning. You can also add in 2 tablespoons of dry white wine and 2 teaspoons of Cognac (I didn’t do this).

Before serving slice some French or other white rustic bread and toast it. Put the soup into a bowl, add some shredded Gruyere cheese. Then add the bread and add more cheese on top. I like lots of cheese, how much is up to you.

Put the bowls in a heated oven (around 400 degrees) to melt the cheese well.

Serve and enjoy!

If you can’t find Gruyere, a shredded Mozzarella or Swiss will suffice.

It was very good, but next time I will cut the beef broth. It was a little too rich, which hit my stomach an hour after eating. Another recipe in the boiok states you can mix half beef broth with half chicken broth. This is what I’m going to try next time. I also felt there needed to be more broth than the one can/two cups.

Another recipe in the book calls for 6 cups of onions (yikes) in a medium cooker cooked on high for 9-10 hours. Should you increase the amount of onions and still cook on low, you may have to increase the cooking time.

Anywas I’m off to enjoy TV night. It’s time for new episodes of “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters.”


The House Is Alive . . . With The Smell Of Onions

First off, it may have to be a couch day! I woke up with the worst back ache/muscle cramps. I either slept all wrong, was stressed out or am getting old (probably a combination of all three). Hey, at least I don’t seem crabby today!

I went to the store and got what I needed for the French onion soup. The onions are slow cooking now . . . . and will take almost 10 hours to caramelize! I didn’t realize it would take so long, should have read the recipe. Around midnight I should finally be having my soup πŸ™‚ This weekend I’m going to try a recipe for hot fudge spoon cake. Mmmmmm.

Tomorrow is the big Scissor Sisters concert. I can’t wait! We are headed into the city to have dinner with my friend Jen before the concert. After the concert we may be looking for fun somewhere in the city. I’m just hoping the insane rain coming in won’t make it a wet night.