Windows Vista: CANCEL CANCEL!

Oh My Gawd! So I got Vista on my desktop. Oops! It seems even though it passed the online check, my sound card is too old and not compatible. I tried a few “jimmied” drivers on the net to no avail. I’ll be going to Best Buy or Staples tomorrow to find a cheap ass 30 dollar sound card. I found a Soundblaster FOR 30 dollars that supposedly has Vista support. I am not paying 100+ bucks for a sound card for Vista. Not going to happen.

Oh and that commercial for Macs with the whole “Cancel or Allow” . . . . that’s not a joke . . . . they aren’t kidding.

Stay away from Vista!

Of course once I get everything running as it should be, I could have a totally different opinion . . . maybe.

*Update* After a lot of fiddling, I got the onboard (ie crappy built into the motherboard) audio working. It’s better than nothing, but I think I’ll still get that 30 dollar Sound Blaster which will work with the desktop.

Unfortunately my wireless card DOESN’T work. I’m not buying another one, I will by the longest network cable I can and have the BF run it under the floor and through the basement rafters to the desktop 🙂



3 Responses to “Windows Vista: CANCEL CANCEL!”

Thuy Says:

I can’t help but to comment on your Vista install. you sounded just like my husband when it came to the sound card issue. I had a feeling that Vista was really too good to be true. I have been reading your blog for a month and I enjoy seeing pics of your babies and the cat! Best of luck with the Vista though.


jeremy Says:

Until the security flaws are opened and all those problems with Vista they have written about since the release come to pass. It’s gonna cost us upwards of $200.00 CAD to upgrade our sound card, get more RAM and pay for the OS, even if we have a discount coupon when we spent $750.00 in January to rebuild the system. What’s another $300.00 we don’t have just yet!! Our box is brand new – Vista demands too much for the upgrade right now. UGH!!

I LOVE that Mac commercial…



Aravis Says:

It all sounds like a giant pain in the ass to me. I’ll stay with XP for a little bit longer I think.