You Are Coming To A Sad Realization . . .

It’s 3am and I’m installing Vista . . . . AGAIN. I thought I had installed a clean version, which technically I did. However it didn’t FORMAT the hard drive, which I wanted and needed. All my old windows files where placed in a directory. All the old weird crap Dell puts on your HD was left as well. I wanted that stuff all gooooone. So I’m not booting from the CD to install Vista clean. *sigh*

I found out I CAN get a number of new sound cards. I thought my system wouldn’t handle some of the new ones, but they can. I’m still not spending the money though 🙂 I might buy the 30 dollar card still, or I will just stick with the crummy motherboard audio. I’m doing anything fantastic on this desktop, why waste 30 bucks? If the BF complains that the sound is really bad, then maybe I’ll shell some money out.

Still no way to connect it to the net. That will come tomorrow night most likely. Till then I’ll spend tomorrow loading office and anything else I can onto it. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, those I don’t see what all the hype over this “aero desktop” is.



One Response to “You Are Coming To A Sad Realization . . .”

KipEsquire Says:

I guess you could say you’re gaining a new Vista on life… 😉