America Loves Sanjaya

So at first I was really angry that Sanjaya continues to stay on “American Idol.” Now I’m realizing it might not be such a bad thing. Seriously . . . SERIOUSLY! I have said over and over, there have only been a few AI’s that went on to actually do something, most notably Kelly and Carrie. They hit it big and I don’t think I see them fading. Where are the other winners though? If Sanjaya makes it far enough then maybe the love obsession with this show will end. That or like the Olympics there will be some serious changes to voting 🙂

In other news, I got the desktop working . . . finally! I got the wireless card to work, I didn’t need to buy anything new. I still need a new sound card, but it’s not a necessity right now. I need to load all the stuff I normally use on it to see how well they handle, what the issues are, etc. I have to say, the ball was dropped with Vista BIG time. I ran the Windows Vista “upgrade” test and there were no issues with my system, according to Microsoft. So wrong! If you haven’t bought a new system with the Vista Compatible tag and NOT added anything hardware or software wise to it, prepare for issues when you go to upgrade!

Otherwise, I don’t understand what the big tadoo is. Even the BF said “So what is so special about this?” I mean I like the new gadgets feature, but the only real difference so far is a slightly redesigned interface as far as the menu and control panels go. Otherwise, I don’t see what is new. I am able to run the Aero feature, even that isn’t impressive.



2 Responses to “America Loves Sanjaya”

tom Says:

lol, infact i was looking for some news item on sanjaya and hit your site from google blogs.. that was funny. Well, he is unique. i like …


DWQ Online Says:

How are you not loving Vista. I am just stumped. Oh well – too each their own.

I think American Idol needs to allow one vote per number. That would really show who gets the most fans.