Vista Vista Vista

I got my second “upgrade” copy of Vista today, so I’m taking the plunge tonight and installing it on the desktop, which will be my guinea pig. Granted unlike the laptop, it isn’t out of the box Vista compatible. I’ve upgraded it enough though that I know it will run Vista. We shall see what happens! It is currently installing . . . . . It may be a long night.

SANJAYA I LOVE YOU! Seriously, SERIOUSLY! What the hell was with “American Idol” tonight? That little crying girl for Sanjaya was too much. He needs to go home. He needs to go home right now. I think aside from the fact that NOTHING else is on TV, the only reason I watch this is for the punk girl with the pink hair.

I pulled a muscle in my calf this morning, in bed of all places. No I wasn’t doing anything strenuous! I was stretching as I woke, thought it was a Charlie horse and then later realized I pulled something. The minute my leg is okay I WILL get back to the gym. With Spring here and Summer around the corner, I want to get in better shape. Plus it will help with stress I’m sure.

Great, Windows Vista install is crashing on me . . . . . I’m channeling the Mac commercial right about now.



2 Responses to “Vista Vista Vista”

karen Says:

you are coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow? HAHA hope you get the systems working


Aravis Says:

I love that commercial… *G*