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Torturing A Whole New Blog Audience :)

I posted this on one of my old blogs. However a lot of people who read the wizardworks blog never got to suffer enough πŸ™‚

Pay attention to the boobage, she likes herself a whole lot.


I Am Cooking Real Food!

I’ve been doing real good with the Suzanne Somersize diet this week. I may have cheated only a bit with a drink, but not too badly. I’m hoping by next week I’ll see some significant weight loss. The one thing that has surprised me is that some of her recipes are really good, and not too difficult to make. They can be a bit time consuming, but if you make enough you can stick whats left in the fridge and eat it the next day. They serve a few people, and I’m cooking for one πŸ™‚ Everything I have made so far has been edible, though I’ll admit some learning mistakes have been made along the way. Now I know for next time, and the food will just be that much better.

So far this week I have made cheeseburger pizza pie, chicken Kiev, fried mozzarella sticks and broiled tomatoes. All of which are carb and sugar free!

Here is one of her tips that really works, and I didn’t think it would. If you want to fry something with that crispy bread crumb/flour taste, dunk whatever (I did the chicken and mozzarella) in a beat egg and then cover with grated parmesan cheese (the dried kind from a can or your local supermarket deli area). Fry in olive oil, then bake if necessary (the chicken). It REALLY works and tastes amazing!


Common Sense?

America is a great country because everyone is allowed to believe what they want and entitled to speak it. However, people might do well to use a little common sense when they say things in certain situations or in certain company.

Cases in point, awhile back there was a rumor started that “Days of Our Lives” was going to make Will gay. Given he’s a teen character played by a teen actor it was highly unlikely. It still went around, and some people got their panties in a wad over it. One woman sent me this scathing email about how this disgusted her, how it was morally wrong and she was sick of seeing gays on TV and would turn Days of if it becomes “Gays of Our Lives.” More recently rumors went around that the new character on the show EJ Wells would be gay. Again, I got remarks like “I don’t want to have to see gay people on Days, I won’t watch if they do this.” One person told me it was “sick.”

Um, first of all you do realizing you are bitching about your disgust to a 30 year old man who has ran soap opera websites for the better part of eleven years now right? I don’t mean to be nasty, but try thinking before you speak, use a little common sense! Second, I find it totally laughable that people will sit through kidnappings, rape, murder, serial killers, the murder of a 90 year old woman, incest, teen sex, abortions, baby switches, buried alive scenarios and so forth, but the thing that breaks it for them is the addition to a gay person to the cast of the soap. You may think being gay is morally wrong, but you sure as hell tolerated a lot of other morally wrong story lines for “entertainment purposes.” You best check exactly how moral you really are. If you ware watching soaps for the morality of the stories then you are watching the wrong type of programs!


Inspirational Dreams?

It was another of THOSE nights last night. Of the weird dreams I have, here are quick snipits of the ones I do recall.

First up, my mother was selling our old house on Helm Court in Burke Va. The problems with this scenario? In it my brother and I were the ages we are now, not in junior high/high school as we should have been. The second issue is we rented, we didn’t own the house.

In the dream my mom had to sell the house on the sly, she couldn’t let the neighborhood know. Why I don’t know. Well my brother and I discovered one of the neighbors was taking photos. It turned out to be our good friend Seo, who didn’t want us to move. I remember breaking down in tears crying that “I didn’t want to go!” Then I share a group hug and cry with my friends in the neighborhood. Odd because this never happened and I couldn’t wait to move and get the hell out of the school district I had been stuck in since 3rd grade.

Dream number two, I’m not sure where I was. I think I was with the BF on a cruise excursion perhaps. It was definitely wildernessy and in the middle of nowhere. I remember we were about to leave, but I really had to go to the bathroom and didn’t want to hold it till we got back to civilization basically. There was a dirty little restroom, I decided to use it. I walked in and freaked, I had no shoes on! I quickly walked back out, I had a perpetual cut on the bottom of my big toe. (In reality the cut is on my little toe, and it’s not a cut but rather cracked skin on the joint underside). Well some kid looks up at me and asks about the cut, is it one of those things that never seems to get better? I said um yeah why. He then told me it was something, used an M word to describe it. I can’t remember the word, but I know it was incorrectly used. Something like myopic or meiosis, but I knew for some reason he meant genetically inherited from the mother’s side. He then said he it was a serious disorder most people don’t have treated, and he didn’t know how to tell me this, but I would bleed to death in about an hour from it. Freaked, we head to the nearest Podunk hospital. I remember sitting there waiting my turn, the one and only doctor was delivering a baby in front of me, because the hospital only had one room. Ew!



Was doing blog thing quizes with chat room friends tonight, had to share this one . .

Your Musical Tastes Match: RuPaul

See her whole playlist here (iTunes required)

Here is her play list . . . aside from Blondie, yeah not so much!

Workout / Betta Work Skit – -RuPaul
Good Boys – Blondie
Should I Go – Brandy
Notorious Kim – Lil’ Kim
Take Good Care of You and Me – Dionne Warwick
Send Me a Lover – Taylor Dayne
Save Up All Your Tears – Cher
I Thought It Took a Little Time (But Today I Fell in Love) – Diana Ross
Baby Mama – Fantasia


No Wire Hangers Ever!

This post has nothing to do with Joan Crawford, it’s just been one of those days I want to scream. Actually it’s been one of those weeks.

After initially selecting the 18th for a cruise date, it was then moved to the 26th because the boyfriend’s sister decided if she was going on vacation it would be that week. Long story why it had to be that week, involves children and such. Well they both could go away at the same time because their mom would be left alone for too long. So the cruise was moved to the 26th. By the way through all this the travel agent continually has to find us new rooms on each ship when I am changing the dates on him. Oh no, now there is a conference on the 16th that the sister has to go to, so she can’t go that week so we should go away that week. Fed up, I booked the 18th and said nobody is allowed to change their mind again, if they do “It’s Called Too Bad!”

“It’s Called Too Bad” is a saying my lesbian gym teacher in high school used to say. As she said it she raised her hands up in that “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” pose. Every now and then I remember her and her saying and get in the habit of saying it. It’s like my own version of “talk to the hand.” Feel free to use it in your daily life, perhaps it will bring you some enjoyment πŸ™‚

I will leave you with some very important advice tonight. Stay away from low-carb sugar free ketchup. It’s NOT a good thing. Of course if you enjoy tomato juice or V8, then you may like it.



But that is the last thing I need! I have had a headache all day, which seems to be getting worse as the day goes on. I have ate almost nothing today, so a drink would make me sicker than I would like to be. Where to begin?

The chatroom thing upset me so much last night, why I let it get to me so badly I don’t know. I ended up shelling out a large sum of money to license the software to make the chatroom more mine than it already was. I guess I thought it would give me peace of mind or something, though I know rationally the troll can’t actually cause any issues for me. After dealing with all that, I went to bed at 3:30am, but didn’t fall asleep around 5am because I tossed and turned so much.

Just when things were looking up today, CRASH, the server my soap page is on goes down. It’s not back up yet and I don’t know what is going on. If it’s a whole bunch of servers down then the people probably aren’t getting emails about the crash. Both my server as well as the statistics server for the company I host with are down, so something big has happened. Uhg. Every time the server crashes or goes down (which I have to say is usually once a year) I have a fear that my website brought it down 😐 A long time ago my webpage did crash a few servers. This past week my traffic spiked because of the return of Steve and Kayla to “Days of Our Live.” So here I am thinking it’s just my luck the added traffic couldn’t be handled and CRASH! Wait and see at this point.

I have been meaning for months to upgrade to a new server, and even found one or two I liked. I just never emailed or motivated to do it as the server I am one has worked so well for me for years. Before them I was always having issues, so when I stared with them and had almost no problems I was content to stay with them. I am paying more with them than I would for the new servers with probably more features (I would never use), but again I’ve been content with the service so that’s why I never moved and didn’t mind paying more.

Just want this day to end!


Reaching My Limit With Idiot Trolls

I’ve had a troll problem with my chat room for about a year now, the particular troll resides in Ontario, Canada. They invent a new identity for themselves every few months when their IP changes and they can get passed the bans. That or they dial into new numbers in towns nearby to get a new IP. We aren’t dumb, it still traces to the same ISP and the person still talks the same way and says the same keywords that tip us off. When they reveal they know WAY too much information for a supposed new person in the chat room, it becomes obvious it’s the same old troll. The same old troll, claiming to be a new person, also emails me similar emails about how unfair it is they got banned. Convienently they all come from a email that can easily be created. The emails all have similar grammatical similarities as well, each time I point this out to the troll. They also always inform me that they have in fact contacted the authorities, the police, or the royal Canadian mounties about this. I just got an email saying I should get myself a lawyer if I do not rectify this situation. I responded to them, for the last time before blocking their emails, that you cannot sue someone because you got banned from a chat room for being a troll. If you could then AOL would have been brought down long ago, and people would be filing law suits every single day. When I actually told them they had no constitutional right to access my chatroom, they told me I should re-read the constitution.

I seriously don’t understand some people.


Crisis Diverted?

Oy! I woke up with such a headache this morning, and no I hadn’t been drinking the night before. I think I was just upset that the cruise was falling apart. However I think I got it under control and we’ve worked out a way for Keith to come. Yeah!

If you’ve never been on a cruise, they are lots of fun. They tend to be more fun the more people you go with, as long as it’s not a huge group and it’s not some family reunion thing. Some people might like that, I myself don’t want to go on vacation with my entire family, or even half of my family. Now if you are just two people going, a cruise can be very romanticle too, but I don’t exactly think of Carnival as my idea of a romantic honeymoon cruise (even though some people do go on them for theirs). I prefer to have fun on vacation, which is why having Keith there makes it better πŸ™‚ You see my boyfriend tends to have a habit of drinking way too much free champagne at the art auctions on the ship (You show up, you get free booze, it’s the only time on the cruise. They know you’ll spend more when you are drunk!). Then by 9pm that night after dinner he’s ready to go to bed. He’s usually the same way on the days we have some high activity level shore excursion. Me, I’m like the party has just started, I’m not going to bed. That’s why having Keith is fun, we can walk around and drink and go to the disco and stuff while my BF snoozes. I should point out on the last cruise he did come out with us a few times, I don’t want to make him seem like an old foggie :).

Alas, Amber probably (okay isn’t) coming with us. This means I’ll have to find a new dance partner, or I’ll dance alone. I don’t dance alone unless I’ve had too much to drink and absolutely have to work off the booze. Keith doesn’t dance. My BF does, but a Carnival cruise ship is NOT the place for us to be dancing together at all. While anyone can look at us and the way we interact and figure it out, it’s a whole different story when they have to see what they know confirmed. Frankly I don’t want to make the national news as a murder aboard or the latest person to mysteriously fall off of a cruise ship.

Also someone asked if my BF doesn’t go dancing with me. Yes, sometimes. During the off months (Jan-Feb) when the business is closed he does, and during the slow months (March and December) he sometimes goes out. I still prefer to dance with my girls though.

I had some more totally different topics I was going to add onto this, but this post went on longer than I thought it would. I’ll save them for later or tomorrow. One thing I’m excited about is the new blog design that is coming soon. I’ve seen mock-ups of what it’s going to look like, it’s sweet! Oh my God I just said “sweet.”



The day started out so great. I started my diet, I went to the gym, I was about to start school work. Then it all hit the fan. Keith, due to personal issues, may not be able to come on the cruise with us after all :(. This sucks, I really like Keith and we had so much fun on the last cruise. My BF and I are still booking the same cruise, with the hope that Keith will be able to book at a later date and join us. We’ll see. I emailed two other friends who long ago expressed interest in perhaps joining us to see if they want to go.


PS I heard Paris Hilton’s song on the radio today. When it started playing all sorts of static messed it up, so I changed the station. Later the station once again sounded fine. I think the DJs did it on purpose!