But that is the last thing I need! I have had a headache all day, which seems to be getting worse as the day goes on. I have ate almost nothing today, so a drink would make me sicker than I would like to be. Where to begin?

The chatroom thing upset me so much last night, why I let it get to me so badly I don’t know. I ended up shelling out a large sum of money to license the software to make the chatroom more mine than it already was. I guess I thought it would give me peace of mind or something, though I know rationally the troll can’t actually cause any issues for me. After dealing with all that, I went to bed at 3:30am, but didn’t fall asleep around 5am because I tossed and turned so much.

Just when things were looking up today, CRASH, the server my soap page is on goes down. It’s not back up yet and I don’t know what is going on. If it’s a whole bunch of servers down then the people probably aren’t getting emails about the crash. Both my server as well as the statistics server for the company I host with are down, so something big has happened. Uhg. Every time the server crashes or goes down (which I have to say is usually once a year) I have a fear that my website brought it down 😐 A long time ago my webpage did crash a few servers. This past week my traffic spiked because of the return of Steve and Kayla to “Days of Our Live.” So here I am thinking it’s just my luck the added traffic couldn’t be handled and CRASH! Wait and see at this point.

I have been meaning for months to upgrade to a new server, and even found one or two I liked. I just never emailed or motivated to do it as the server I am one has worked so well for me for years. Before them I was always having issues, so when I stared with them and had almost no problems I was content to stay with them. I am paying more with them than I would for the new servers with probably more features (I would never use), but again I’ve been content with the service so that’s why I never moved and didn’t mind paying more.

Just want this day to end!



One Response to “I’d Really Like A Drink Right Now”

DavidMO Says:

Sorry the day sucks so bad. If it’s any consolation, the soap site seems to be back up now 🙂 Hope the evening is looking brighter…