Reaching My Limit With Idiot Trolls

I’ve had a troll problem with my chat room for about a year now, the particular troll resides in Ontario, Canada. They invent a new identity for themselves every few months when their IP changes and they can get passed the bans. That or they dial into new numbers in towns nearby to get a new IP. We aren’t dumb, it still traces to the same ISP and the person still talks the same way and says the same keywords that tip us off. When they reveal they know WAY too much information for a supposed new person in the chat room, it becomes obvious it’s the same old troll. The same old troll, claiming to be a new person, also emails me similar emails about how unfair it is they got banned. Convienently they all come from a email that can easily be created. The emails all have similar grammatical similarities as well, each time I point this out to the troll. They also always inform me that they have in fact contacted the authorities, the police, or the royal Canadian mounties about this. I just got an email saying I should get myself a lawyer if I do not rectify this situation. I responded to them, for the last time before blocking their emails, that you cannot sue someone because you got banned from a chat room for being a troll. If you could then AOL would have been brought down long ago, and people would be filing law suits every single day. When I actually told them they had no constitutional right to access my chatroom, they told me I should re-read the constitution.

I seriously don’t understand some people.



5 Responses to “Reaching My Limit With Idiot Trolls”

Aravis Says:

Truly sad.


Becky Says:

I agree with Aravis, truly sad, but mostly just really pathetic!!


Diane Says:

Someone needs to get a life.


Flynn Says:

Too bad they couldn’t use their extra energy toward something productive and good. With the amount of time they’ve invested, they could have accomplished something useful by now.


tami Says:

Cookie … I so feel for ya on this one!! She/he/it is truly demented and seriously needs to seek mental help. You might point out that you’ve saved all emails, and are reporting them to the Dept of Homeland Security for harrassment (if they check into it, the Dept of Homeland security does, in fact, monitor ALL chatrooms). That might scare them off a bit. Let me know what I can do to help! xo love ya!